Webbed Toe Piercings

I don’t know if it moves me into an exploitative way of thinking, but I really enjoy seeing a combination of developmental abnormalities and body modification. This is a simple example on Scarlet, a pair of piercings between fused toes, done by IAM:PiercedPirate (Zak at Tattoos Unlimited in Morehead, KY). It’s still healing in the photo here but he tells me they’re doing fine now.

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20 thoughts on “Webbed Toe Piercings

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    Posted on 12-07-2005 16:20:50 by anon
    I wonder how common that abnormality is. The same two toes on my feet are fused similar to that, but not quite so far up.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 16:25:13 by glider
    I’ve seen it pierced a few times, although I’ve never seen it in person.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 19:49:43 by Micrurus
    A friend of mine has 5 nipples (3 of them “normal” and two of them pretty small, sadly he’s not into mods, they’d look great pierced.

    Posted on 12-08-2005 01:53:05 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    id like to see a picture of them.. NOW.. healed..

    how would a person heal something like that? I would think it would be especially hard to heal a piercing on your FOOT..

    Posted on 12-09-2005 01:00:27 by PiercedPirate
    I plan on getting a healed picture as soon as I see Scarlet again. She healed it by not wearing shoes as often as possible, covering it with syran wrap before she put her socks on, sea salt soaks, and dirty talk. We placed the rings so they wouldn’t touch the ground when she walks on them, so I’m sure that helps too. Surprisingly, I guess, these aren’t the first fused toes I’ve pierced. There was another set I did over last summer, but the jewelry kept falling out, so they were aborted before they could heal up.

    Posted on 12-10-2005 12:02:44 by Michelle
    I have a webbed toe that I pireced myself 8 years ago. It really was a pain to heal, especially in winter. I limped for a while, but now it’s great.
    I reccomend taking the ball out of the cbr and closing the ring after losing many balls it was the only way.

    Posted on 12-17-2005 16:55:58 by clean freak
    Is it just me or is there mold at the top off the Piercings? (its is greenish).

    Posted on 12-18-2005 15:58:50 by Nice
    I like this! Maybe she thinks shes making something that is ugly pretty or maybe she is proud of her uniqeness.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 04:39:25 by Siamese
    That’s puss not mold I think

  2. i want this done but i dnt want rings in it i i want a bar like a lip piercing and in the centre of my fused toes, is this possible?

  3. Yes, there are a couple other entries here with barbells… Try browsing through the body piercing entries. Most of the are done that way, and I suspect that if either of them is “easier” to heal (this isn’t an “easy” piercing to heal I think), it’s going to be with a bar I believe.

  4. my toes are kinda liek that mmm but the idea of getting them pierced is worrying i cant even wear toe socks cause they go in between my toes ugh*shudders*

  5. wicked sick finally another person that had the balls to get thier webbing pierced. yeah it did hurt it did make me limp but that was only two weeks ago and im fine now and its got me so many free drinks in bars. rock on

  6. wow I thought I was the only one .but it does run on my moms side of the familty mine are the same toes as yours and webing is just shy of the bottum of my toe nails i like em a lot.

  7. my toes are wwebbed too! i think its sooo annoying that i cant wear toesocks or toe rings! my friends made a toe sock day and i couldnt do it! my toes are webbed almost all the way up 2nd and 3rd toes on both of my feet. on my left foot my 2nd toe is on top of my 3rd toe and webbed together like that! it makes my toes so hard to paint on that foot. =( i have a hard time standing on my tippy toes too! i can barely stand on them and im a cheerleader too so i need to stand on my toes alot! i cant really bend my 2nd and 3rd toes (left foot) it looks funny when i do try to bend them! hehe

  8. wow krissy your toes are screwed up uh? sounds like they would hurt. when you do paint your toenails do you have to sort of try to spread them apart or something so you can paint your 3rd toe or do you just not paint it? that sux that you cant stand on your tippy toes too!

  9. 0jiggywhoo0, i spread my 2nd and 3rd toe as far apart as they can go when i do paint my toes, i have to hold them apart until they are dry so most of the time i just skip that toe.
    oh and yes my toes are “screwed up” and i can stand on my toes its just uncomfortable.

  10. I think this is a form of under cover inbred business. Like who wants to look down and see pierced penguin feet? Like “hi, my inbred toe is pierced, how are u?” Like it’s totally bringing sexy back..nottttt. UHH do u shop at staples for nail polish for your cosmetic products? Because white out, is not cute nor is it the latest fashion trend. Cut ur toes apart and hide them.


  11. I have webbed toes too. Same toes as she…both feet…not as far up though. I literally cringe and it makes me sick at my stomach to see someone actually piercing the webbing between their toes. My webbing is super sensitive and hurts to touch or pull apart. I can’t imagine sticking a needle in them. EWWWWW! WTF? Thats a really unattractive piercing anyway. BTW…she should concentrate on the yellow fungus growing on her toenails instead of paying for weirdo piercings!

  12. that looks fantastic.
    i’ve always thought about getting this done myself, now after seeing it done i think i will.
    reading through the comments on here i realised that quite a lot of people have toes fused together like that.

  13. to “god” undercover inbred… what? ur an idiot! its a genetic disorder(autosomal dominant pattern) it has nothing 2 do with friendly cousins. so before u make stupid comments u need to think about how much knowledge u have on a subject. p.s. u need to get ur mouth stitched and hide it!

  14. I’ve been living with this “syndrome” for 46 years, thinking it was some weird family thing. After reading all these entries, I am relieved to know that there are others out there with similar “toes”. I’m considering a tattoo to either enhance or hide my “difference”. Any thoughts?

  15. BTW….the person who called themselves “god”…not even close. Hope you enjoy the fires of Hell

  16. I’ve thought about getting it done aswell

    It looks kinda cool, but my girlfriend wont let me get it done! :(

    Oh well, i’ll surprise her :)

  17. my toes are fused too. the correct term is “syndactyly” if u want to get technical. i’m considering getting a tattoo on them, like a zipper or something. i think it will enhance my individualality. when i was younger i thought about getting them seperated, but now it’s not really that big of a deal. most of my friends think it’s awesome, and to those who don’t, who cares.

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