BME’s Best Boobs

Rachel has been strongly considering getting breast implants done in the new year and has asked me to put together a gallery of what I think are good looking breasts. Here’s a gallery of twenty four of what I think are some of the best — all with nipple piercing I think — boobs on BME (like ‘em? get a membership and see more!). Which do you think are the best ones? What should she get?

Click to zoom in on any that strike your fancy:

Oh, and if your breasts are in this post, let me emphasize that I’m not hitting on you! Just on your breasts I guess? I should also mention that if you’re an IAM member, there’s an often active cosmetic surgery forum for discussing this stuff and more.

Anyway, got an opinion as to the best breasts? Good? Bad? Post a comment here in this entry. Think I’ve missed a pair of great ones? Feel free to post a link to them.

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One thought on “BME’s Best Boobs

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    Posted on 12-12-2005 18:29:10 by thebrown
    There’s no such thing as a bad set of boobs. God love boobies!

    Posted on 12-12-2005 18:32:59 by stained steel
    Though I agree with the first comment, my preference is simply for natural breasts. If I simply had to pick a breast size preference, I’d say large B/small C.

    I also think they guy who pierced #’s 11 and 20 did a pretty good job! ;)

    Posted on 12-12-2005 18:34:58 by glider
    HAHAHA. As a point of trivia, I’d say Stained Steel and Kivaka have submitted the nicest breasts to BME as piercers…

    Posted on 12-12-2005 18:46:42 by virus
    Good post. haha

    Posted on 12-12-2005 20:00:00 by smurf
    Large B / Small C are definitely among my favorites.
    Of the ones you posted I’d say my 2 favorites are the top left and the beauties at 4 over, 3 down.

    Posted on 12-12-2005 21:01:00 by quinnnchick
    I personally prefer flat chested women, but as far as the boobies posted go, I prefer #21.

    (I am assuming that “tuck ‘em in your pants” length boobies aren’t in fashion this year) ;)

    Posted on 12-12-2005 21:22:35 by marvolo
    9 and 15. 21 possibly, except I can’t really see well. :D

    Posted on 12-12-2005 21:23:21 by thewombatspantry
    I like 18 best. They look like very happy boobies

    Posted on 12-12-2005 23:05:17 by perk900
    i’d have to say that you picked out an excellent set of tittys…

    Posted on 12-13-2005 00:57:36 by silver
    Coming from a straight female, but I like 16 and 11 best myself

    Posted on 12-13-2005 01:23:56 by gogo_savvy
    I personally like 13 and 23. Wonderful shape, and a more than manageable size for both parties.

    And this is coming from a woman as well, but there are some really beautiful breasts in this post!

    Nothin’ like a nice set of tits to start the night off to.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 01:27:49 by Aretha
    I like

    Posted on 12-13-2005 02:46:56 by dream3r
    i just want to feed poor number 5 =(

    Posted on 12-13-2005 04:11:54 by thistle
    I like #2 and #18 the best.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 04:14:06 by Stephanie
    Definitly #18. I personally like bigger breasts that are still nicely shaped. They’re beautiful!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 04:35:03 by Yo
    i think they are all to small and do need implants! but no. 9 looks ok

    Posted on 12-13-2005 04:58:11 by ubergeekgawdess

    Posted on 12-13-2005 05:16:27 by bizarroboy
    3, 16, 21. Tip-top-triple.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 05:31:31 by penski
    Number 5. Small boobs for the win.

    …That and the fact that ribs are sexy…so very sexy.


    “I don’t have a one track mind…it’s just that one of the tracks is called ‘norks’ and plays 24/7.”

    Posted on 12-13-2005 06:05:02 by misplaced_ice
    #11 and #12
    Breast implants are totally the go.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 06:09:55 by outsider
    Heh, I actually recognize some of those.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 06:23:13 by solidtube
    Actually i think these are all interesting subjects ( think we all agree on this..) but i also think that when it comes to surgery and get “brand new” breast the most important thing to consider is the actual anatomy of the person in question, and to find the “right” proportion to the whole..

    Posted on 12-13-2005 06:27:15 by typealice
    I dislike breast implants, but I don’t dislike #11. That girl’s got some hot tits.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 07:53:18 by littleskittles
    13, 15 and 17 are my favorite picks.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 08:01:29 by camila
    She should go for breast implants if that’s what will make her feel good. But please, natural looking ones.
    I can’t stand big fake porn star stuff u.u

    Posted on 12-13-2005 10:21:35 by Sam
    You forgot twwly’s. those are nice. 7 and 11 are nice though

    Posted on 12-13-2005 10:29:28 by PhilMoore
    One, Nine, and Eighteen. Allllllllllllllriiiiiiiiight :)

    Posted on 12-13-2005 10:35:47 by Wonderland
    I quite like number 11. lol. this is strange

    Posted on 12-13-2005 10:37:03 by Jay
    #4, #9, #18 are my personal faves. Although the ink on #12 is uber hot

    Posted on 12-13-2005 11:02:21 by Yarram
    Heh. I think #21 is a very artistic shot. I also think #9 is very nice. However, many of those breasts look a little too big for Rachel… but that’s not for me to decide. :)

    Of the ones there… I’d say #19 looks like a good shape for Rachel. Also, for whatever reason, I can totally picture Rachel teasing you with the pose in #1.

    Of course, I’m a Kinsey 5.5, so my judgements are a tad suspect… :P Good luck to you and Rachel!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 11:18:22 by Tara
    I’ll have to go with #16 :)

    Posted on 12-13-2005 11:44:35 by ServMe
    I say small titties

    Posted on 12-13-2005 11:53:21 by kristl
    I am a hardcore fan of #15. Of course, I’m in love with big tits, having a nice set of my own.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:07:04 by elyse
    I don’t check modblog all that often, and when I do.. what a surprise :O

    hi and thanks from #18 herself ;P i think i deserve a cookie or something.. that’s awesome :)

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:12:57 by WannaBe
    #7 all the way, by far a superior set of tits…

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:31:54 by trisha
    #18. beautiful.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:34:01 by juniper
    More than a handful is a waste!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:46:13 by graves_beyond_windows
    the size you get depends on your frame. i have a large ribcage and i got my implants at a 36c small d. if you are smaller framed get somethign that suits you, you dont want to look top heavy!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 12:54:16 by savagerabbit
    Those are some pretty decent boobies.
    I like 23.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 14:24:18 by Venus Pink
    10 & 11 are the best ones…. but shit, if I were going to pay for breasts I would pay for small C’s, not any of these, because they look more like natural B cups….

    Posted on 12-13-2005 14:30:39 by dani
    stick with the small ones! i like 5. smaller boobs always look more natural (speaking about implants) i hate seeing very fake looking larger ones.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 14:33:19 by toast
    i’m just gonna sit here and pretend like i don’t recognise a surprising number of these… :)

    Posted on 12-13-2005 14:56:50 by Justa
    personally my favorite kind of breasts are ones that are rather small in relation to a person’s body frame? like i’m 5’7″/125lbs, and i think i’d be happiest with a small B cup. it always really depends on the person, though!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 15:45:10 by rubixscuba
    i’d say all those boobies look very natural and NOT at all like boobs with implants. you should make a comparison gallery with implanted boobs and see the difference…….

    Posted on 12-13-2005 16:31:24 by Ddd
    Coming from someone who’s had a breast reduction due to having natural breasts which were too large, I only encourage Rachel to go for something natural… but from what I’ve seen of her she’s beautiful as she is and has no need for them. But as long as she’s not going for scary stripper breasts she should be ok.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 16:32:59 by graves_beyond_windows
    um, im a stripper and my tits are far from scary. thanks.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 17:32:18 by Shannen
    I like 09, which I’m pretty sure are the only fake set in the bunch. Good fake breasts always win in the aesthetic department, but there’s such a fine line between the good and the downright ugly.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 18:01:29 by Jets
    This post makes me want a breast lift.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 18:40:46 by styrovor
    9, 18, 21. If I had to only choose one: 21.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 20:48:44 by mark_kitchens
    Only one breast? At least take the pair.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 21:27:57 by spyrlshape
    the thought of cosmetic surgery for breast implants scares me. i’m convinced i got my natural DDs from a combination of genetics and “the pill.” how else would i have been able to go from a B to a D in less than 6 months.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 21:28:23 by Kimby-pants
    9 and 10 are my faves :)

    Posted on 12-13-2005 21:36:47 by Whitespace
    12, 19, and 23 (maybe from the angle). In case you haven’t noticed, I like mine small. Once the surface normals of the ribs intersect the boob, then you’re got too much overhang. I like `em tangential or less.

    …yes, I’m a mathematician. ;)

    Posted on 12-14-2005 00:17:57 by JesusLovesPunk
    15, mostly because i got to see firsthand how fantastic they were while piercing. (is that pervy to say?) 9 are good too…

    Posted on 12-14-2005 06:58:12 by dutchweirdo
    I’ve met rachel once only, but I remeber that she has a nice and slender figure. Slightly boyish, which I like a lot. This is one ingredients of her beauty (and her tattoos, by the way). I’d say don’t overdo it!

    Posted on 12-14-2005 16:20:46 by small titties
    is ist just me or does#10′s right boob (on our left) look like a chunk was taken out of the nip? maybe i’m seeing things.

    Oh, and #15 all the way…

    Posted on 12-15-2005 02:42:54 by pablo
    isn’t it #11′s right nip that seems split?

    Posted on 12-15-2005 03:40:28 by nobodysgirl
    They are all very beautiful. Love the piercings

    Posted on 12-16-2005 00:06:47 by J
    they are all beautiful. Shannon, if she wants she can go with anything similiar to all teh above, just make sure she doesn’t over do it.



    Posted on 12-16-2005 02:10:57 by small titties
    oops sorry…it is #11…glad i’m not the only one who noticed it :)

    Posted on 12-24-2005 04:12:16 by biz all natural..all amazing..
    good choices i might add

    Posted on 03-08-2006 10:07:21 by livingdeadoll
    I’m so glad to see that I am the owner of the 3rd picture (H) I sadly had to remove the piercing a month ago and was very surprised to find the pic here!

    Posted on 03-24-2006 23:28:07 by hate.saggy.tits
    # 21, she’s a keeper, most the others will get saggy/saggier in a few years

    Posted on 03-31-2006 16:48:55 by ID10T error
    S’probably just me, but they all look like adolescent breasts..

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