One thought on “Lolita Armed

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    Posted on 12-14-2005 20:19:47 by Ryan
    2 of my favourite things….school girls and guns…

    Posted on 12-15-2005 03:36:23 by ShatteringImage
    Wow I dont know if its just me… but I cant look at this with the comments normaly… the picture takes over the box

    Posted on 12-15-2005 22:56:17 by glider

    Posted on 01-08-2006 17:37:32 by hey
    Looks shit, and makes u look like a bit of a dick. Why is a school girl holding a gun whilst fingering herself …is she in danger…is she distracting the villans by doing this…shes very devolped for a school girl..yea it sucks

    Posted on 01-09-2006 00:29:22 by Ailia
    Haven’t you ever seen anime, or hentai? this sort of imagery is a regular there.

    Posted on 03-24-2006 23:41:46 by silent bob

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