The Penis Mightier

Well, I mean, if you can think of a better place to keep your pens, I’d love to hear it.

(That’d be Nuder Than Nude, playing with his new above-the-scrotum urethral reroute. There’s actually a really great discussion going on in the comments of the last urethral reroute post, with Nuder Than Nude at the center of it. Highly recommended reading.)

Better Living Through Bloodletting

The woman on the left writes in:

My victim and I have always had an intense connection. There is an animal nature to our blood play. Even those who do not like bloodsports love to watch us. Little did I know the very blood-squeamish man I just met who found this scene intensely erotic and so took the pictures for me (very well I might add) would later become the love of my life.

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Erotic Tattoos, Made 3D

“Summer has started in the Netherlands, so I’m wearing short sleeves and Dermablend on my hands and arms to cover my tattoos for work. It works sufficiently well, people notice that something is strange about the color, they may guess that it’s make up, but don’t know about the tattoos. Unless of course they ask about it, in which case I usually explain that it is to hide the tattoos, which is usually taken well.

What still shows are the bulges formed by paraffin injection to accentuate the female shapes of the tattoos (not advisable, I had bad experiences before, but anyway…). Their visibility is dependent on the way the light shines on it and the perspective, but they look pretty erotic to me even when covered.

People seem to avoid asking me what they are, but it is a bit on the fringe… freaky stuff!”

Read on to see what he’s covering up!

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