Robots in Love… or at least one of them!

Check out BME employee Phil Barbosa‘s new tattoo designed by IAM:killmylovekill and done here in La Paz, Mexico at Sadofilia. Click the dancing toes below to see a day old photo of it (sorry, it’s hard to get a good photo of a day old tattoo), and if you’d like to see the painting it’s based on, click here.

Phil says to mention that his feet (well, the right one anyway) are still a bit messed up since the accident (which explains why blue robot is not as good a dancer as red robot). He did however clean his toenails!

3 thoughts on “Robots in Love… or at least one of them!

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    Posted on 12-14-2005 20:47:46 by Fergy
    It is somewhat strange to see a painting that is hanging above my bed tattooed on someones feet. A tattoo that is supposed to represent me giving my girlfriend (iam:revolutionairie) a flower. Don’t be surprised if you see those robots tattooed on two more people in the near future as it was our intention to get them tattooed when we had the painting made for us.

    they are pretty cute.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 20:48:37 by Fergy
    er…the robots are supposed to represent us is what I meant to say. it’s pretty obvious that it’s a boy giving a girl a flower. der. 🙂

    Posted on 12-14-2005 21:03:38 by PhilipBarbosa
    i found the painting while viewing her online portfolio. it was never my intention to offend anyone by tattooing it on my feet. its obvios i love the work its self as i decided to tattoo it on me. i hope that this is not seen as anything more then a unique tribute to Lynette and her work.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 21:23:09 by Fergy
    oh no way, I don’t take offense to it. I think it’s pretty sweet actually 🙂 sorry if I came off as pissed or something.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 22:07:46 by astrosnik
    I love Lynette’s robots, and what a great place to place them! Dance on. 😉

    Posted on 12-15-2005 02:51:08 by Kea
    Haha, thats lovely.

    Posted on 12-15-2005 03:39:25 by ShatteringImage
    oh man, seeing moving feet when you come check modblog… I was scared for a minute… though I

    Posted on 12-15-2005 04:54:00 by ShatteringImage
    Hmm my comment got cut off.. I love the tattoo 🙂

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