The Evil Monkey Who Lives in My Closet

Even though it’s the holidays and I think I probably deserve a break, I’ve tried to post lots of stuff to keep you amused. You got a big tattoo gallery today, a piercing shot, and even a couple suggestive entries of pretty girls. So no complaining! But if you do… Here’s who I’m sending your way.

Family Guy tattoo done by Toran Marshall at Generation X in Willoughby, Ohio.

4 thoughts on “The Evil Monkey Who Lives in My Closet

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    Posted on 12-24-2005 11:38:56 by Poppie
    Thankyou for working so hard Shannon (:

    Posted on 12-24-2005 22:58:17 by Eternal_Ice
    Damn monkeys ruining Christmas

    Posted on 12-25-2005 03:14:35 by q0p
    YEAH 😀 Evil Monkey roolz Chris’ life in West Qouhag (prolly misspelled)

    Posted on 12-25-2005 19:45:00 by LostSally
    EVIL MONKEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 12-27-2005 10:44:25 by Garth
    That tattoo is great..I actaully have that sticker on my car..The Evil Monkey is awesome.

    Posted on 01-02-2006 08:54:24 by Pippa
    i brought the toy of this for my best mate for her birthday. She loves Monkeys and family guy. Perfect match

  2. haa thats my leg! ha thats awesome can’t believe it’s been that long.

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