Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Gallery

By far the most popular movie tattoo theme, by a significant margin I’d say, is The Nightmare Before Christmas (search BME for terms like “nightmare christmas” or “skellington” to see lots more). Given that Jack’s journey into this holiday starts today, let me share some of the Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos that I’ve received over the past few years.

You can click on any of the pictures below to zoom in. The last one is not the Pumpkin King, but the Drunken King — the day Jack Skellington decided to go Irish and take over St. Paddy’s Day instead. Anyway, if you have a Nightmare tattoo (or any tattoo), email me a high res copy to [email protected] (and get yourself a free BME membership in the process).

I’ll try and post more Christmas and seasonal themed tattoos over the next few days.

33 thoughts on “Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Gallery

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    Posted on 12-25-2005 19:40:19 by LostSally
    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 12-27-2005 18:45:24 by Thalia
    Wow, so many TNBC tattoos…


    Posted on 01-15-2006 15:46:32 by nowheregrrl
    this is so over now..*booooriiiing*

    Posted on 01-16-2006 23:30:00 by ashkinz
    i like the 6th one there.
    that’s insanely awesome but looks really painful.

    Posted on 01-20-2006 23:43:56 by beforexmas74
    I am loving this website, i love tnbc. I have done my room and bathroom in Jack. This is great, ill be sure to send you pictures of my Jack and Sally tattoos.

    Posted on 04-20-2006 08:08:31 by Carl
    the lock, shock and barrel ones are awesome!

    Posted on 05-04-2006 06:59:18 by mandy
    hey there i just love all of the tats u have here i really love the one across a womans back with both jack and his girlfriend keep em comming good work

  2. Absolutely fantastic work, these Nightmare tat’s are just wonderful, the best I’ve seen!!

  3. I’m in heaven!!! I can’t wait to turn mine into a sleeve next month…

    My fav of those is deffinatly the one by Patrick Berube (which is the one on the top right hand corner of the smaller thumbnails)

  4. These tattoos rock i see a tattoo pick up there that i’ve had my mind set on for at least a year now. Its cool cause now i know how it’ll turn out.

  5. These are amazing – Getting my first tattoo in a couple of days and these gave me some good ideas! Keep posting please! xCx

  6. Quiero dejar marcada varias etapas de mi vida, de las cuales en todas influyen estas obras de arte.
    ya se como dejarlo fijado, en mi cuerpo, gracias por estas imagenes fascinantes y gracias por resolver mi gran duda.
    tambien me encantaria ver mas tatuajes sobre estos personajillos tan monos.THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

  7. these tattoo’s are so kick ass..
    mightmare before christmas is my most fav movie ever..
    could you sendme some more pics of this area..

  8. I was wondering if there are any tats of Jack when he fell from the sky and landed in the arms of the stone angel. I think that would be an awesome tattoo

  9. I just got my second The Nightmare Before Christmas tat and I love it. All these tats are awesome. I’m hooked! I already know what I want next: Shock, Lock and Barrel on my forearm. 😉

  10. all of these tattoos are amazing! the nightmare before christmas is the best movie ever made…and i love that all of u are right there with me

    im goin to get jack tattooed on my hopefully next week!
    to show my love for the pumkin king and the movie!

  11. =] rOckiN TattOos! A Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie & deffinately Ink Worthy!

  12. OMG…I totally love this movie!!!I’ve loved this movie all my life…I’m totally gonna get one of these tattoos…

  13. Okay thats it! I’ve been looking at these tattoos for a year already! and I just turned 18 this year so I’m gonna get one and send you guys a picture!

  14. Im taking idea’s from tattoo’s and I am going to be getting a half sleve done this monday ill send pic’s when I do! 😉

  15. I’m getting a few TNBC tats over the next few months…I’ll share when they’re finished….My tat artist is a TNBC junkie like me so they should be bad ass.

  16. OMG these tatoos are so freaking awsome and i might be getting a jack tattoo next monay!!!! cause its my birthday!!! and this site gave me some pretty good ideas…. i’ll send a pic when/if i get one!

  17. i love the nightmare before christmas and i’m looking into getting a tat like this, but i’m very specific on what i want and i cant seem to find even anything similar.. this sucks. but your tats look great!

  18. hey i love the tattoos they are cool i’m a big fan of the movie and if anybody can do a design that has jack, sally, the curvey mountain, jack’s dog, the pumkin patch with a kind of grave yard look please send me a picture because i’m wanting to get a tattoo like that my e-mail is [email protected] or just send me an e-mail if you just wanna talk about the movie because i could talk about it all day…

  19. how can i get a tat from yall wwere yall shop at i really like the nightmear befor xmas pic please get back to me with the info

  20. how can i get a tat from yall wwere yall shop at i really like the nightmear befor xmas pic please get back to me with the info

  21. hello, nice tats i wanna get some of them,
    i dont know how much they cost.
    so anyone wanna help me price them up.

  22. This fucking site is awesome! I love all the Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos, its my favorite movie!

  23. the nightmare before christmas is my all time favorite movie and next week im getting a jack skellington tattoo

  24. i luv these tatts! i’d like to get one but need to find a site that will let me print out a sally and jack tatt. does anyone know of one? help me…

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