I find it disturbing…

Perhaps it’s simply my own cultural bias speaking, combined with my personal kink opinion that body modification is sexual in nature, I find it really hard to process photos of kids getting piercings… Even nose and ear piercings squick me — I can’t think of any objective reason why it’s wrong though, and I’m certainly not making a negative comment about the piercers involved. To each their own!

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5 thoughts on “I find it disturbing…

  1. i don’t see bod mods being sexual (except genitals and nipples of course)i think it’s cute that the lil girl has it.

  2. I have my ears pierced twice, my nose and my belly button pierced and I’m 14 and I love my piercings :)

  3. I, as a piercer am not at all a fan of piercing children- im in the “its not their choice” camp. However, that said: i did have my ears pierced for the first time at 3 years, and i did my own second lobes at 12.

    And Shannon, that may be your kink, but i don’t know that it reflects others very well at all ie: i don’t think my mother was thinking ANYTHING sexual when she took me to get my lobes pierced at 3.

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