Do you like minstrel shows?

This portrait is of a customer’s grandfather, done by Antonio at Inkwerks in Auburn, AL. It’s well done, but I have to wonder… was their grandfather a coal miner? It’s really rather strangely dark in tone. It’s a fresh photo, so perhaps they reacted oddly to the ink or bruised dramatically.

2 thoughts on “Do you like minstrel shows?

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    Posted on 01-18-2006 03:29:16 by astrosnik
    It looks great, but I’d hate to see him when he gets angry.

    Posted on 01-18-2006 06:35:32 by tokyowars
    (Suggested in good humour…) Maybe he was related to Micheal Jackson?

    In all seriousness now, it’s an impressive work in terms of the detail, especially the eyes, they make the portrait come alive…

    Posted on 01-18-2006 11:29:19 by jon
    maybee he was in the military and thats a pic with his face painted for camouflage?
    just a thought.

    Posted on 01-18-2006 18:08:25 by Steph
    It is a beautiful piece. I’ve seen some stunning portrait’s and some damn ungly one’s. I did have to laugh at the coal miner comment though. It is quite dark though.

    Posted on 01-18-2006 19:03:04 by Kea
    Looks like someone colored Elvis with a black crayon. It is a beautiful tat though, too bad it’s so dark.

    Posted on 01-19-2006 02:32:16 by Kathrine Wheel
    Yeah, the portrait is really nice, it seems to be done with a greenish tint, so maybe a background would be more helpful in explaining to coloration. I would be really interested in seeing the picture the portrait was taken from.

    Posted on 01-19-2006 13:26:49 by Solanum
    chimney sweep?

    Posted on 01-19-2006 21:51:03 by .
    haha.. chimeny sweep.

    Maybe he was a black man??

    Posted on 01-20-2006 06:55:18 by yuri
    and his grandson looks that white? grandad by marriage sure, but i would doubt by blood.

    Posted on 01-20-2006 17:22:25 by .
    i was joking.

    duh .

  2. but i have to woneder….was their grandfather blasted by a gamma bomb.(hulk smash it looks green to me)

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