Female Full Facial Tattooing

It’s rare to see women with really heavy facial tattoo work (hell, it’s rare enough to see guys with it), so I was very happy to stumble across IAM:coco12102 who’s continuing to expand her already significant coverage. IAM members can of course check out her page for more photos.

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42 thoughts on “Female Full Facial Tattooing

  1. Pretty Ink, im not sure why someone would want to changed their whole face, but so long as shes happy.
    Hey looks great

  2. While i cant answer for her i can state for myself it is a calling that has to be met. I let the people around me know what my plans are so as not to just freak them out of no where when I have drastic work done. Ive had the work done around my eye socket and temples and have a date next month to get the rest of the right side of my face completly covered with tat. art work and the bottom half of my face finished off with cutting scarification work. Now i have women and men(straight) alike telling me that I am way to good looking or handsome and not to do it)even had a few of my women friends crying lol :-) but I am more than my looks and I personally preffer to look at myself in the mirror with this type of work done . Peace Bradly ~_0

  3. P.S. It’s sorta wierd and funny at this point in my life I have basically stopped going out(socailly) because I attract allot of women who at first glance find me to be attractive and normal ,but im not, A picture is worth a thousand words and I am so looking forward to the completion fof my facail work because i truly feel that it will speak for itself without me having to do so much explaining that I am not only a freak I am a Super Feak and that im running for president of the Freak Club…Freaks ~R~ COOL~ Punch in ~6969~ & vote for Bradly ~_0

  4. Lol very funny I happen to be a sea horse in life. look up the totem referance and maybe it will give you abetter understanding to my personality. If you look in2 the sunshine you will not see the shadows… the Universe has littterally opened itself up2 me ~OM~ If u look in2 the bright miday sun that will give u a glimpes of what is is like to be me…No diggity No doubt..~6969~Lol hehehe I am litterally a walking,talking, living outloud miracle +_= 2007 should ~B~ a fine year to showcase some of lifes talent’s

  5. P.S. EMpRess if u want to be my friend and let me know some of your rightous dream’s , and desires id be real happy to help aid you in any way that I can.Just in return I ask you punch in ~6969~ & vote for me Bradly for President of the Freak Club…no joke ~_0

  6. Bradly,
    Sorry my friend, when im normally talking bollocks its cus I been smoking some of the green weed. I just regonised your behaviour lol.

    I gotta seriously disappoint you tho…brace yourself…ok its like this. Im the least rightous person I know, yeah yeah sorry im sure you will get over it.

    Jesus you now why my title as president of the freak club, not sure I can give you that.
    Maybe we could share?

    Now you stay safe and safe, dont make me worry.
    Hugs ya tight x :)

  7. Hey EMpRess if you happen upon a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi ,end page of 254 and on2 page 255 will let you what im all about 1 day if u need 2 or so have the desire my hand is stretched out in friendship …. Live long and prosper Bradly ~_0 ~6969~

  8. Good Morning Bradly,
    Is that Yogi bears autobiography im looking for, hes kinda cute my type of man:)
    *Takes that hand and shakes it back*.
    Have a great day yourself, and anyone else who happens to read.
    Hugz x.

  9. **I can TOTALLY understand why someone would want their entire face covered in tattoos! There are many reasons! For 1 it is spectacular on her, and I have to admit I envy her courage to do this! It is so dreamy! And LOOKS so great on her! WOW! I bet it is just simply divine to wear, to get up get ready and head out into the world with such a beautiful face, something so bright and colorful that you could never hide, and something that everyone would know right off that it was tattooed on! To know deep in your heart, that you can never get it off! It is for the rest of your life! Everyone you meet from that point on will see that you had your entire face covered in tattoos, now that would be thrilling. To awake each day, and look in the mirror to see that yes it is still there, never to leave you! The permanence of it, is a big draw for many, as it would be to me. She is totally beautiful! Congrats!

  10. Peaceful, relaxed, noregrets, happy and assured is what I feel from this picture. I know she did it for the sensual beauty of the tattoo, cause well, it is damn sexy! To have the confidence in yourself to just go for it and have your entire face completly tattooed knowing that you will never be able to get it off or hide it would be my motives. I still wonder why she did it. It is sure one pretty tattoo, I love to look at it! To wear something like that must be so fun. Beth Ann

  11. She is absolutely gorgeous and totally unique, it`s an awesome thing to do.
    I wish people didn`t have such negative reactions to such a wonderful form of self expression.
    It would be superb to go out with someone like her!
    I wish more girls / women would have it done, I would be over the moon if my girlfriend just told me she was thinking of having it done yet alone actually got it done.
    Will just have to keep dropping the hints.

  12. I talked to a young lady last summer, who confided in me that she had a desire to have a fully tattooed face (She sported a few on her arms already) She asked me I could explain why she (and others) had that desire.
    I could not of course.
    I told her that there is no explanation for some things, like the whole universe , no scientist can explain it… We are a minuscule part of the unexplanable.
    She asked me if I would like her to get it done on her pretty face. Again I could not answer her. I didn’t want to encourage her and told her so. It is one of the most personable decisions one can make.
    I love to see it, but have no explanation for that !
    I do admire the ladies who can make such a decision !

  13. My boyfriend has been more than hinting that he likes me to get a face tattoo. Somehow the idea is very appealing to me. But it is one hell of a commitment ! I’ve been doodling on my prtret. I even had a bunch of copies made of my portret, so I can try out several ideas.
    The idea that is is an life decision is scary and yet turns me on !
    I am young yet (26) so I don’t rush it. My boyfriend totally supports me.

  14. Sounds so interesting Elenor! What type of tattoos are you having don on your face? My partner is wanting to tattoo my face like a leopard. I really want to let her do it, but a bit worried how people will treat me for getting my face covered in tattoos. I really would like to get done this year, just got to get the courage up to just do it.

  15. I am 26 years of age and as normal as they come, except for my desire for tattoos. A few years ago my boyfriend talked me in to having both my upper ams tattooed. It was easy for him, because I had told him about my dream…
    We were watching some videos of women with tattooed faces. As scary that is for me, I could not get them out of my mind.
    My bf supports me and e even designed some one of a kind of course !
    He even went to a wellknown tattooist and he made an appointment for me to be interviewed.
    I actually did it ! I made an appointment with him !
    I was screed, could not sleep t night, got drunk a few times…
    Last week i went, shaking and feeling sick…
    I have now my forehead done with gorgeous flowers an little birdy… My bf is exstatic ! I am worried about how my life will be from now on.
    Tomorrow i go again for a four hour session. I;ll get my cheek done.
    I’vesaid “A” now it is time to say “B”, yet it is almost more scary than the first time.
    Wish me luck !

  16. My love is a bit mixed up. She signed her name as Scaredanddeterment and forgot she had written here alreay as Eleonora ! That’s her real name.
    I call her usually Nora.
    It is true that I am extatic now that she has made the big step.
    Yes, there is no going back now anymore. Nora always was a very attractive girl with an adveturous mind. But now it an unbelieveble experience to have sex with her. Seeing that pretty face with that colorful tattoo at close range while I am exploding. Shetold me that she loves that reaction ! So ladies, if you have a mind to get your face tattooed too, you can expect a great bonus !
    Wehave a lot of respect for the pretty ladies on internet showing of their beautifully tattooed faces, especially the girl called “Kitty”, who can be seen getting the left side of her face tattooed with wonderfully bright colors.We, Nora and I’ would love to know more about her !
    In time I hope to publish Nora’s face here too.

  17. I had my hair long, well on my back ! I saw a woman with very short hair, it was cut into, what they call a flat top.
    I was impressed and admired her ! I have an intimate male friend, who saw me admire her and he suggested that I had my hair cut like that !
    That stunned me and I thought about it for more than a year, before I brought up the subject to him again.
    He encouraged me to have it done ! The thought was sensual to me…, to my own surprise !
    He said he thought it very sexy…
    I played with the idea for the longest time and made an appointment with a male barber for a private session ! I told him I may be a bit drunk to get my courage up ! He said he didn’t mind, but wanted me to sign a release…
    I signed it !
    Last Feiday I did drink a bit too much, because my appointment was for six thirty pm.
    It was not untill Saturday morning that I dared to look into a mirror ! I was shocked ! That was not me looking back at me…!
    My black hair was all gone ! In its place was a perfectly flat, very short cut. It was all standing up straight, defying gravity ! My feelings were all mixed up… I didn’t know if I was going to cry or laugh ! It grew out a bit and at the urging of my friend I had it trimmed after two weeks…
    I catch a lot of looks now, certainly more than my long hair ever did and while I got it trimmed (sober now !) I felt extremely turned on and sexy ! I am keeping this cut now, I like it with a lot of make up and big gypsy ear rings ! Next tattoo’s ? Jeanne.

  18. Beautiful tattoo and very sexy. The permanence of it, the the fact that she had the guts to have it tattooed on her, and that her face is fully covered with a beautiful tattoo only makes it more sexy. It is part of her, she wears it and cannot hide it, it is always there, WOW. Her lips really look nice tattooed bright red. She looks very happy and she should be. I would love to go out with a lady like her or have a wife with this kind of work. Is the rest of her body also fully tattooed? I wish more women would get work like this. Beautiful work!!

  19. would love it if my wife had this done. diversity t its best. if she wanted this i would hold her hand during the process

  20. very sexy woman. i think it would be great if this was mainstream for more women to have similar work done. Just the thought of my wife having this done is spine tingling and would be the ultimate dedication. I would be absolutely proud of her if she was to do it and totally support her. Even the suggestion to begin this journey would receive my encouragement. Then to take her out in all her attractiveness

  21. well since my last post i have discussed this with my wife and my god she wants to have her face tattooed – gradually and shaded but still ,wow. at first she just grinned and thought it looked nice but a bit of a heavy commitment. now she tells me that she thinks she will take the plunge after getting used to the idea, after all it is a personal thing between me and her so who cares what others think, we have worked all our lives and now its time for us. she knows i find it sexy but now she does too. she has checked in and got some designs and the process has started. cant wait for the finished product.

  22. I like to comment on Jeanne’s blog.
    My advice is that you should do what your heart desires ! My wife is toying with the idea of getting her face tattoo. S he had her make up done permanently already. After that was all healed up, she had me draw a design on her face with felt markers. She went out to the mall like that and experienced the reaction of the crowd.
    She was elated ! Now we have done that several times already and I took her to all kinds of places, to get the feel of it…
    Together we have made several designs. Whole face and partial…
    She is not ready yet, but I expect soon that she will have it done…

  23. My boyfriend gets so excited at seeing tattoos on womens faces. After a few months of talking I decided to get my face tattooed. I went for a whole face flower mask. It is full color and covers my entire face, I love it so far.

  24. Wow congradulations , on your full face flower tattoo. I like tattoos on ladies faces also. Wish this was more common. Would love to see yours!

  25. Tabetha, you are a brave woman to have your face tattooed at all !
    I know, because, I hurt a lot when my boyfriend finished our relationship. I know, because my boyfriend finished our relatioship, because I refused to have my face tattooed ! It took more than a year to come to the decision !
    I wanted him back. no matter what. So I called him and told him that I miss him terribly and will get tattooed…
    nd he worked on my face five times already. I am well past the point of no return.
    My forehead is done, but I cWe are back together again hide that under my new bangs… Yesterday he started on my left cheek, that will be fully visible… I admit that my feelings are totally mixed up… I can not explain how I feel, totally sad and ashamed and yet extremely exhilarated. I feel like a great fool, yet very special…
    My boyfriend is very exited and we have fantastic sex every time he stops tattooing my face….
    Will I ever be sorry and what to do then ?… He didn’t promise
    to marry me and can dump me any time…
    Yet my face keeps getting more covered every Monday… Will I continue with my arms, neck and even my privates ? If I do, I will keep him for a long time yet…
    It’s happening and I can’t stop it now… I am thirty years old and have no skills… How long yet…?

  26. Wow, Jeanne what a powerful story. Did he finish tattooing your face? The rest of you? I really do feel where you are coming from! I too get feeling ashamed at first, it does take getting used to wearing a face tattoo. It is something that you got to get up too each day and deal with. But, I guess it sexually turned me on to see how excited he was when I told my boyfriend I’d get my face tattooed for him. I would have loved for him to have tattooed my face, but he paid to have it done on me. I am coming up on one year of having my flower mask on! This year I have also had my head and neck done in flowers. It really turns him on! Think he loves that I’m just inked from the neck up! It’s hard to get used to the attention, but I kind of like it. Any other wives or girlfriends taken the plunge for their man?


  27. WOW SEXY and HOT!!!! The ultimate in commitment . Would love to have a girlfriend/ wife with a tattooed face, head and neck. Your boyfriend is very extremely lucky man and should be very happy with you!!!!

  28. My girlfriend did mine. We started out small and close to the hairline but it wasn’t long before my forehead was done. I could hide them with my hair and makeup but also wanted to venture past the point of being able to no longer hide them. On a whim, we shaved my head and I said let’s go for it! That is when the real excitement set it, and six weeks later I had a full face tattoo that wraps around my neck and fades into my hairline. YES, it takes some getting used to wearing, and YES it is simply divine to have on! It is still me underneath the tattoo, but I now must submit to the ink, knowing that it will be in my skin for the rest of my life. Even six months later I get excited to look into the mirror when I wake up to see if it is really there and I am not just dreaming. I love taking a shower, knowing that when I wash my face it is never coming off!! Whenever we go out I can ignore the stares because I am preoccupied with seeing my reflection, knowing that what I see is my new face, under the beautiful ink that my girlfriend created for just me that I get to wear forever! If this is something you have been thinking about I say go for it, as I am a happier person for doing it, and in my book that is all that matters. P.S. it also makes my girlfriend go crazy and she is starting hers in 2020!! I am so excited!!!   

  29. She is absolutely stunning. Her tattooed face is so, so beautiful. It is wonderful that she had the courage to go through with it. We all know that it is forever. A huge commitment.

    And congratulations to all the ladies on here with tattooed faces. You should all do blogs. They would be very interesting to read.

    I love the idea of a flower mask, Tabetha. It sounds gorgeous. How many sessions did it take?

  30. After my husband commented on this site some time ago it got me thinking. It really turned him on and I must admit, it looked beautiful and unique. He knows I want to be unique too so I decided I was going to do it. Love Tabitha idea so I went and booked in. At first the artist thought I was going for a small tattoo. No, I want the full face eventually. At each stage strangers would comment that drove me to keep going. My husband was very supportive and wanted me to keep going. After a Ayer I am nearly at full coverage. He tells me every day how sexy it is. I know I get stares but I don’t care. I want to keep going until all my head gets done but that will come later. He likes escorting me with my face tattooed and is very proud of me. I wanted to have it all done before we renew our wedding vows. I’m getting quite excited of getting re married with my colourful face while he inserts a solid gold septum ring in my nose and closes it. It will complement my new face

  31. I love that idea, Georgie. Such a wonderful change to make before renewing your marriage vows. You will look so, so gorgeous!

  32. Thank you jay. I must admit i still have a way to go but my husband is very encouraging, as are strangers who take time to comment. Our friends thought I was joking but the more coverage I get they see I am committed. Its a lengthy process but that ok. Even a few years ago, I would never have I would have come this far. We are both looking forward to the day when my face is completely covered and my husband places my new wedding ring in my septum. He keeps telling me how proud he is of my decision and wants me to go bald and get my head done. I probably will. Like your opinion

  33. That is so hot! Your husband is a very lucky man!

    So face tattoos can only be done in instalments? Did the tattoo parlour give a standard length of time that entire face coverage should take to apply, or is it entirely case by case?

  34. Jay, the coverage and time required is dependent upon the canvas, the artist and design. Some collectors want to take their time on their transformation as others and in my case, wanted to change rather quickly. My 100% full floral face tattoo with zero negative space took right at six weeks to complete. I had started with a few smaller pieces on my face, but knew I wanted full coverage as I did not feel complete otherwise. My throat, neck and chest took another six months, but I was not in as big of a hurry as I was with my face. It has been a little over 18 months since I have completed my face and I am still in love with it. My reflection is really me and it has brought me nothing but peace and happiness. Hope that helps answer your questions.

  35. Love reading your comments Sarah to Jay. My wife, Georgie is in the process of face tattooing in this blog. Yes it takes time but once she decided to have it done I fully support her. I am looking forward to eventual full coverage. We really like to read others stories and it gives encouragement. I am very proud of her to be different. She is making plans for future developments. Making up for lost time I think

  36. Well, my wife has began the process. She has a part of her forehead done and one side near her ear. When we went over a friends place they thought it was face painting, no she said, its tattood. Her friend remarked that she now has that out of her system so settle Dow. No my wife said, I want my face eventually fully tattood. Stunned, her husband said he quite liked it. She’s already getting a few looks but she doesn’t mind. She said I may as well give them something to look at then, they are really encouraging me. I think it looks quite attractive

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