3 thoughts on “Yeah, baby!

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    Posted on 02-04-2006 22:43:48 by San
    It could just be the lighting, but is she getting close and intimate with her… scanner?
    Either way, a nice way to start the morning.

    Posted on 02-05-2006 00:15:44 by .

    Posted on 02-05-2006 00:33:49 by glider
    No, not a scanner… Just me messing with the image in Photoshop. For those that are interested, the filter is Xero Radiance and it’s a free download from that link. It’s worth the download.

    Posted on 02-05-2006 01:25:52 by Willy
    yay, toronto rocks, if you like thai food you should try The One down young st near Sam Sam

    Posted on 02-05-2006 23:11:20 by dilbert

    Posted on 02-05-2006 23:12:01 by dilbert
    Oops, I mean: I love boobies.

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