UV Microsoft Windows Tattoo

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17 thoughts on “UV Microsoft Windows Tattoo

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    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:48:36 by CT
    This looks like it may be a Fifth Element tattoo to me: http://bedno.com/photos/albums/20041028/v/5e-02-leeloo-tattoo.jpg

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:55:32 by Shutterbug
    Yeah, I second that. Though you never know.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:56:58 by DTM
    fifth element?

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:58:07 by VeganZombie
    the movie, Fifthe Element, with Bruce Willis.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:59:52 by ;

    …hoping HTML works.’);

    Posted on //www.imdb.com/title/tt0119116/”>IMDB Link – The Fifth Element‘);
    by IMDB Link – The Fifth Element‘);

    .com/title/tt0119116/”>IMDB Link – The Fifth Element‘);

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    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:18:46 by coiffed
    I was going to comment on the similarities to Mila Jovovich’s tattoo in The Fifth Element, too, but I see I am too late :P

    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:22:35 by b
    Yeah, the lines are supposed to represent the elemental symbols.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:36:25 by glider
    HA HAHA HA, you’re right of course… Boy I hope they’re not mad when they see that it got ID’d as a Windows tattoo.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 21:29:15 by outmywindow
    I’ve always thought it would be cool to get a Fifth Element tattoo… It really looks great in UV!

    Posted on 02-22-2006 23:27:12 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    yup, first thing i thought..

    “Wow.. the 5th element”…

    Posted on 02-23-2006 00:29:13 by Randy
    Has the technology behind UV tattoos grown any in the past little while? Last I heard it was generally a bad idea, but I still would LOVE UV work done…

    Posted on 02-23-2006 00:48:31 by .
    Yea..my husband was wondering the same thing..

    are they more pricey than regular ink tattoos???

    Posted on 02-23-2006 16:03:22 by W13
    I know a few people with uv tats, cost them the same amount than if it was done in regular ink. A fifth element tattoo would have been cool, but now its lost its appeal as it can be confused with the windows symbol.. oh well

    Posted on 02-23-2006 23:37:35 by xaonon

  2. Lol this is my tattoo. I didn’t even think of the resemblence to the windows thing. And everyone that I show it too usually guesses 5th element right away.

  3. I just realized that my tat is posted under microsoft windows tattoo… elgh. I really wish I could change that… that sucks.

  4. Definately 5th Element. I love that movie immensely, and I’ve always wanted that tattoo. =] Kudos on having it. And I must say, it doesn’t look like Windows to me. And anyway, who would WANT a windows tattoo? windows sucks.

  5. SO not windows, so sorry it got posted as such! i love that movie too, and i hope the blog crew watches it and realizes their mistake!

  6. So, it looks like Leeloo’s tattoll except on hers the bottom two are flipped horizontally. They are the four elements though.

  7. While this is a fifth element tattoo(good movie). It was and still is a sign for the four elements of the Dark Ages. Earth Wind Fire and Water. Def not windows

  8. i was gonna say that that is the fith element tattoo but peopel a;ready said it :D

  9. Thanks you guys… the tattoo still lights up pretty bright. Unfortunitely not alot of artists do UV tattoos. I’ve heard about side effects, and every time I got a UV tattoo I had flu like symptoms within 24 hours of the tattoo that lasted for about a day or two, who knows about internal side effects. Most reputable shops won’t do UV. The ink in thinner than regular ink, and, unless ontop of another tattoo or scar tissue, it has problems “sticking” in the skin. Not to mention any side effects that the ink could have… As of today the scaring is gone you can’t see anything at all unless its under a black light.

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