Crucifixion Piercing… Crucifiction?

Ouch. Care of Gauge at Golden Eagle Tattoo in beatiful Santa Barbara, California. I assume it’s fresh in this photo — I don’t know how long it was kept for, but if I had to wager I’d say not long… While they have been done successfully and kept long term, it can’t be pleasant during the initial healing period.

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5 thoughts on “Crucifixion Piercing… Crucifiction?

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    Posted on 02-28-2006 22:48:22 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    Fucking OUCH!

    Posted on 02-28-2006 23:04:53 by outmywindow
    That has to get caught on EVRYTHING!

    Props though if they can keep it.

    Posted on 02-28-2006 23:47:19 by whitewolf95
    OUCH just doesnt seem to cover it. My hands are itching and just feeling weird just looking at this. Props for going for it.

    Posted on 03-01-2006 00:26:09 by bleeding hearts show
    ow, the persons hand looks really really swollen too (which is understandable)

    Posted on 03-01-2006 03:27:32 by TheDev01dOne
    Argh that’s so crazy. It looks awesome but I’d never do it. I’m thinking a hand piercing would be pretty vulnerable to infection?

    Posted on 03-01-2006 10:42:38 by .
    more vulnerable than your average non-hand piercing, anyway!

    Posted on 03-01-2006 15:05:56 by sneezy
    hmm he must be an anti masterbator lol

    Posted on 03-01-2006 16:23:09 by mitch
    or, he masturbates alot and that’s why he got the piercing. it might feel good after it’s fully healed and he can “use” it.

    Posted on 03-01-2006 20:01:12 by randomspectator

    It’s beautiful because it just looks so…unfeasable somehow, but something in my mind is saying ‘nerve damage!’

    If they managed to find a route through without losing sensation/use of the fingers they’re doing bloody well!

    Posted on 03-02-2006 17:39:21 by dazy
    looks interesting but dreadfully painful

    Posted on 03-03-2006 17:33:43 by big smile :)
    owww! if i had something like that in my right hand i wouldn’t even be able to just think about picking up a pencil!

    Posted on 03-10-2006 17:30:47 by etoile
    That title has got me thrown off, Shannon – are you suggesting that this one isn’t real either? I have no idea if it is or not, so I’m depending on your assessment! :)

  2. ooh, awesome. now i want to see someone doin a suspension from those piercings… to see if christ really had them through his hands, or if it was impossible.

  3. I got the idea from a side show act in the 1920′s and 1930′s called Mortado the Human Fountain. He had his hands and his feet pierced and stretched out so that he could fit copper rods through them on a custom chair and shoot water through his hands and feet hence the name “Human Fountain”. Because of the high risk for infection due to the placement we only kept it in for about an hour. Just wanted to explain to all of you who care.

  4. Also I am good friends with the piercee and he says there is no nerve damage and aside from the initial swelling there was no problems what so ever. He actually said that his hand felt better after the swelling resided than it had in years.

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