When your nipples interfere with your tattoo…

…call Shawn O’Hare from The Pain Parlor in Oxnard, California? My absolute favorite thing about this photo set is that the guy had his nipple cut off, let it heal, and then tattooed a new — and visually pierced — nipple over top of the scar from the removal!

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2 thoughts on “When your nipples interfere with your tattoo…

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    Posted on 03-07-2006 21:41:13 by jOELTRON
    Truly amazing gray-wash work.

    I personally enjoy the knife and fork cutting up the guy. The eyeball nipple threw me off guard for a second too, it really looks like its standing out.

    Posted on 03-07-2006 22:39:35 by outmywindow
    I love the fact that a guy tattooed a gestating fetus on himself! That’s great!

    Posted on 03-07-2006 22:47:51 by quizical?
    is that a nipple or a septum?

    Posted on 03-07-2006 23:19:50 by Randy
    Not to be a jack ass, but the way the picture is cut off…doesn’t it look like that guy has a vulva down there?

    Posted on 03-07-2006 23:25:49 by marie
    am I the only one who thinks this tattoo is a bit too sadistic and morbid?.. usually I like creepy artistic stuff (I even have a small collection of animal bones that I found outside) but this artwork makes me feel a bit sick, like it has bad energy or something.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 00:09:53 by b
    Well I don’t know how to define “too morbid” but to me, it just is not aesthetically pleasing, but I think that about a lot of other people’s tattoos. But if he feels those images represent him, or are meaningful, then more power to him, but I would never want something I feel is ugly on my body. Ugly imagery that is, the work itself is nice.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 00:31:00 by lilish
    lol imagine what fucking him would be like. Seeing that loom over you as he’s pounding away.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 01:43:47 by beth
    i don’t think he tattooed a nipple back on…i’m pretty sure it’s a nose.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 01:55:15 by outmywindow
    Lilish, that’s hilarious!!!

    Posted on 03-08-2006 10:47:28 by Claire
    If you look a few centimetres over to the right, there’s another piercing tattoo going underneathe where the nipple was.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 11:24:09 by snailer
    randy, that is a vulva, it’s where the fetus will come out.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 13:13:56 by cuntcumber
    Beth is right — it’s not a tattooed on nipple, it’s a creature’s nose.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 15:22:18 by penski
    Is it just me or does the gestating foetus’ arm look like a big, fat cock?


    Posted on 03-08-2006 18:09:20 by Randy
    *smacks head* Thanks snailer!

    Posted on 03-08-2006 23:04:17 by queen
    I find this tattoo facinating.

    Of course – I would never want it on myself. But just imagine the thought that had to have gone into it. I just keep staring at it, and continue to find new thigns to amazing me.

    Props to whoever designed this, it’s so much more creative than what I normally see.

    Posted on 03-09-2006 11:36:19 by Poppie
    Wow, this is a really nicely detailed piece of artwork!

    Posted on 03-11-2006 11:11:33 by Rams
    I dont think its morbid…it looks like the purple googgly-eyed 2 headed monster on sesame street to me….i think they screwed the eyes up

    Posted on 05-08-2006 10:31:21 by flica
    the other nipplet has a tattoed piercing, as does the nose.

    i feel the bad energy too, marie.

  2. His right nipple has been removed and replace by a nipple-like tattoo.
    Does he have a left nipple? Hard to tell because of the tattoo work.

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