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    Posted on 03-11-2006 21:18:00 by ariel
    every time, 5-7 times at least for getting blood drawn or ivs. lame.

    Posted on 03-11-2006 22:52:56 by tokyowars
    Even if you only have tattoos it occurs as well. I am SO scared of needles; Doctors can’t understand that tattoo needles are different in so many ways from those scary blood taking needles.

    Posted on 03-12-2006 00:11:31 by whitewolf95
    I get this alot also mainly due to tattoos but since I do have my eyebrow piercing I have been getting the pain comments. I am throughly scared to death of needles. I cant even watch tv shows or movies in which needles are used on people.

    Posted on 03-12-2006 11:28:07 by m
    whats even more fun is to be 10 years old, have the dumbass nurse poke you 30 times, then start yelling at you because your vein keeps rolling…

    if a nurse said something to me about likeing pain i’d probably be a bitch and wink or something like that

    Posted on 03-13-2006 09:16:38 by *A*
    Needles doesnt hurt. Animal nurses.

    Posted on 03-14-2006 02:37:30 by dream3r
    i love watching my blood be drawn. needles rock my socks.

    Posted on 04-02-2006 21:11:26 by raven
    i don’t mind needles, in any form, but damned if i’d deal with a nurse who said that. i’d be pissed beyond belief if anyone said something like that to me. *pissed at the very thought of it*

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