2 thoughts on “Alf-Spider Tatoo

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    Posted on 04-18-2006 17:20:33 by katie
    will second your WTF.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 18:47:42 by Ben
    haha love it….there some originality for ya

    Posted on 04-18-2006 19:49:56 by aa!!

    Posted on 04-18-2006 20:19:33 by outmywindow
    Wow, that’s different!

    Posted on 04-18-2006 22:13:26 by joshua
    worst. coverup. ever.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 01:04:06 by outmywindow
    Oh my god — you misspelled tattoo! 😉

    Posted on 04-20-2006 04:25:32 by glider
    Hell, I’m so tired I may misspell my own name.

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