Oh. My. God.

I believe that every time ennui zero sends me photos I feel the nitric oxide flowing and I have a near overdose of cGMP. I think that’s healthy though, right? I’m not the only one, I’m sure! Anyway, this is I think her third feature on ModBlog — here’s number one and number two. Yes, I’m a fan, and a predictable one at that… ok, make fun of me all you want.

Other than that, I’m considering working on a WordPress2 rework for this blog since I’ve been doing that over on my kit car and home-built vehicle blog, but first I’d have to write an IAM interface to it.

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One thought on “Oh. My. God.

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    Posted on 04-20-2006 09:37:14 by schizophreza
    sigh, i love her eyes. she is so beautiful!

    Posted on 04-20-2006 14:13:18 by Kanga43
    Amazingly gorgeous times eight!

    Posted on 04-20-2006 14:13:53 by penski
    I reiterate:



    Posted on 04-20-2006 15:08:34 by Sarah
    You’re not the only one. *happy sigh*

    Posted on 04-20-2006 15:15:28 by ennui zero
    hehe. i love you too.

    Posted on 04-20-2006 17:54:20 by fre_k
    *jaw hits floor*

    Posted on 04-20-2006 18:12:22 by theredjesus
    you are a chinese fingertrap

    Posted on 04-20-2006 19:10:10 by VInceresse
    Crazy crazy Girl… ;-)

    Posted on 04-20-2006 22:04:37 by dream3r
    wow, she’s gorgeous.

    Posted on 04-20-2006 23:26:49 by doodle
    Are those implants?

    Posted on 04-21-2006 00:13:37 by outmywindow
    Yes, you’re predictable Shannon, but I don’t think anyone can blame you.

    I’d swap bodies with her any day of the week (I’m afraid she’d get the raw end of the deal)…

    Posted on 04-21-2006 02:22:32 by Piercing Pete
    She is very stunning

    Posted on 04-21-2006 18:45:15 by Defiance
    i agree: oh. my. god. she is gorgeous. hehe, outmywindow, i’d trade with her too.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 00:06:09 by dream3r
    me three.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 02:32:47 by Prim8

    Posted on 04-22-2006 03:33:49 by penski
    *Starts the campaign for outmywindow to provide comparison pics*



    Posted on 04-23-2006 03:13:14 by outmywindow
    ^^^ HAHAHA!!!!

    Posted on 04-23-2006 03:14:17 by outmywindow
    You’d be disappointed…

    Plus, I don’t have a digital camera or a scanner, and I don’t want the 1 hour photo guy seeing my tits bound in duct tape…

    Posted on 04-23-2006 07:47:30 by penski
    As a wise man once said:

    “Tits is tits.”

    Okay, he wasn’t wise…he was homeless…And clutching a can of Special Brew…And had been shouting about UFOs only moments earlier.

    But he said it.


    Posted on 04-30-2006 20:55:34 by Boku
    Ugly. With or without the needles.

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