"CUNT" tattoo

I’m thinking that either this is some sort of THE MAN; THE LEGEND theme for women, or that i say death‘s boyfriend has a really poor sense of direction. Tattoo by Mark Lachenbacher at Marky Marks in Saugerties, NY.

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7 thoughts on “"CUNT" tattoo

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    Posted on 04-26-2006 06:45:11 by tokyowars
    Generally I abhor the use of this word, though in this photo I find it strangely erotic.

    Posted on 04-26-2006 09:20:08 by volatile
    Needs a down arrow…

    Posted on 04-26-2006 09:51:34 by glider
    volatile, that’s what I was thinking, and that’s why I couldn’t get that dumb t-shirt out of my head…!

    Posted on 04-26-2006 12:54:51 by devo
    i love this

    Posted on 04-26-2006 13:35:52 by c0rrosion
    a reference to this book, perhaps?

    Posted on 04-26-2006 18:25:34 by the_logic_of_crocodiles


    Posted on 04-26-2006 19:22:49 by alrdygrownup
    love the word. love the tat.

    Posted on 04-26-2006 21:25:32 by outmywindow
    I’m with you, tokyowars.

    Posted on 04-27-2006 03:14:29 by penski
    One of the greatest words ever conceived.

    I really don’t understand the problem with it; it is only a word.

    Although it is quite a harsh and violent-sounding word (especially in my accent :/), it has an effect beyond it’s reason.


    PS: In a year 9 (13 year olds; dunno what the US grade would be) History class, the teacher asked us ‘Okay…Who can remember where Cuniform comes from?’ Obviously asking us to diligintly answer “Mesopotamia, sir!”, he was slightly irked when I shouted “From the word Cunt!” Man, I’m cool…

    Posted on 04-27-2006 04:00:09 by outmywindow
    “Slightly irked?” Man, if you did that in the US, you’d have been in deep shit (or at least you would have in my part of the country…)!!!

    Posted on 04-27-2006 17:15:20 by penski

    I got away with calling a teacher ‘cunt’ twice in my career.

    The second time was in my D&T class…The (bearded) teacher was acting like an onanist of the highest order and the words “Oh do shut up…Just because you’ve got hair ’round your lips doesn’t mean you have to talk like a cunt.” just fell out of my mouth.

    I’m completely innocent…A good boy. Honest.

    clean thoughts and all that…

    …and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.


    Posted on 04-27-2006 19:22:45 by tokyowars
    If you did that in Australia it would be an immediate suspension, at least in the private schools. Public you’d probably get detention or something.

    Posted on 04-27-2006 19:24:59 by fre_k
    You’d probaly get a detention and a phone call home at my old school and im from the UK.

    Posted on 04-27-2006 23:56:47 by sneezy
    that reminds me of a US tv commercial, “CUNT its whats for dinner” although i would rather see the little caesers slogan tatted there “Quality you can taste”

    Posted on 04-29-2006 11:55:49 by alrdygrownup
    It’s a fantastic, powerful, and potentially VERY sexy word. And also turns into a potent insult as well. Such is the dichotomy of many sexual terms, though. And I once called a doctor a cunt and a heavily modded nurse laughed and said, “Ha, I’ve been wanting to tell him that for years” the complimented my mods. Gotta love the community.

  2. cunt is my favorite word and i have always wanted to get it tattooed in almost that exact same spot. :( it’s a little sad somone else already got it before me. oh well.

  3. If anyone has any info on the death of Jessica (the owner of this tattoo) I’d really appreciate it. Apparently she died in 2011? Her and I were BME buddies for a long time but lost touch after she went to jail.

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