A little light bloodplay

OK, it’s all cleaned up in this photo. Thanks Sara for showing us there actually is fun to be had in Manitoba, Canada… A province currently fighting to outlaw scarification by professionals — so politicians, be proud of yourself — you’ve just guaranteed that a whole lot more home cutting is going to happen. Was that really your wish? Get a clue, old dudes.

2 thoughts on “A little light bloodplay

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    Posted on 05-02-2006 03:24:27 by jaelbait
    i didn’t think that would be happening so close to home… i don’t want to be scared of my own country.

    Posted on 05-02-2006 08:56:54 by glider
    It’s a very fucked up law. If you’d like to help, try contacting Eric from SOUL SURVIVORS (I’m not sure if he’s at APP right now though) as he’s taking action on this.

    Posted on 05-02-2006 09:49:14 by AzerPhyre
    Some politicians in Saskatchewan are thinking of banning scarification too. I think that’s retarded considering they haven’t really looked into banning the “piercing gun”.

    If they ban professional scarification, anywhere, people are going to do it themselves, and we all know what could happen then.

  2. banning anything a professional can do safely for you is a little dumb on their parts, even thou i like DIY more than going to an expert. I plan on following my tattooing dreams thou..

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