NYC, here I come!

There are a lot of reasons I’m headed to New York, some business, some pleasure. I’ll be there from tomorrow night until Friday… got myself a nice little hotel next to Central Park so if I get bored I can go for a walk and get mugged or get a bj from a hobo or something. Anyway, part of the reason I’m going has to do with the photos below of Charlotte Bell and Bella Vendetta (pictures by Bob Coulter).

You decide whether this falls into the pleasure or business category.

Anyway, I’ll try and keep the blog updated while I’m gone, but no promises.

One thought on “NYC, here I come!

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    Posted on 05-02-2006 02:33:35 by .
    Thats so made my morning

    Posted on 05-02-2006 02:34:37 by Piercing Pete
    I want the video 🙂

    Posted on 05-02-2006 02:53:40 by ammre
    hah, while i’m nto nearly at hot as those girls, it only takes me 45 min to get to the city, you’re welcome to drop me an im if the city kids aren’t keeping you entertained enough.

    Posted on 05-02-2006 03:19:02 by outmywindow
    The second and third shots just scream “I’m HUUUUUGE!” (

    Anyway, come on Shannon, get that hobo bj! You don’t want to leave NYC with any regrets now, do you?

    Posted on 05-02-2006 03:33:27 by penski
    Bill hicks quotetastic….

    Have fun, dude…gat a ho-blow-job for me!


    Posted on 05-02-2006 05:07:38 by outmywindow
    Bill Hicks? I was quoting Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or were you refering to something else?

    Posted on 05-02-2006 20:28:06 by penski
    Running the hobo Gauntlet…


    PS: Shannon has a pic of me in a comedy pose with my mantits out – pester him to post it :p

    Posted on 05-02-2006 22:31:04 by outmywindow
    This is an official pestering regarding the showing of penski’s mantits. Thank you.

    (how’s that?)

    Posted on 05-02-2006 23:22:39 by la negra
    grrrls!!! looks so hot!
    greats shots
    viva BellaVendetta!

    Posted on 05-03-2006 03:06:08 by coconutjules
    must… see… penski… naked!! at least, somewhat naked. perhaps with some black censorship bars?

    Posted on 05-03-2006 05:43:48 by outmywindow
    ^^^ No coconut, that would defeat the point of everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. The whole universe…

    Posted on 05-03-2006 12:23:39 by toast
    (oh look, a bandwagon! think I’ll jump on.)

    let’s see penski’s tits, Shannon… then a gonzo of the hobo bj (or a whole series) hah 😀

    Posted on 05-05-2006 08:17:56 by Solanum
    That was a fun, fun night.

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