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    Posted on 05-10-2006 01:40:55 by volatile
    Maybe it’s Kaliber?

    Posted on 05-10-2006 11:23:29 by Joe
    GreenZap? It certainly looks, walks and quacks like a duck.

    Posted on 05-10-2006 11:52:23 by tex
    isn’t this one of the signs that the apocalypse is coming?

    Posted on 05-10-2006 14:47:54 by RatFiend
    unless you don’t want any money out of GreenZap then dont bother, i haven’t heard very good things about it. Its just virtual points instead of real money like paypal.

    Posted on 05-10-2006 16:38:12 by ID10T Error
    God, he is so fucking hot. *drool*

    Posted on 05-10-2006 21:44:35 by meep
    His girlfriend’s hotter.

    Posted on 05-10-2006 22:58:09 by EntropyHerself
    greenzap uses to many Zs to be taken seriously

    Posted on 05-11-2006 03:52:02 by kay
    “Feez”? “Storez”? How professional…I agree with EntropyHerself.

    Posted on 05-11-2006 03:56:36 by ammre
    he’s got the look on his face “ok guys i’m posing for your stupid photo with your beer in my hand, happy now fuckers?”

    Posted on 05-11-2006 13:30:12 by HollywoodPiercer
    I remember you at the podium with your adult beverage in tote 😉 I was video taping it for the APP. I remember feeling all warm and my mouth got dry. I thought if I pass out in front of all these people, that’s gonna be some shit. Then I thought “Dam, I wish I had a beer right now.” 😉

    Posted on 05-11-2006 17:36:17 by maddy
    what does his other hand say?

    Posted on 05-12-2006 02:49:59 by suedehead
    “eyes”, like the minor threat song? (in my eyes)

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