Drummer Tattoo

I think I’ve posted drumstick tattoos up the forearms in the past, and I’m not adding these so you can see the theme… I’m posting it because they sent a couple pictures of how the tattoo twists with the arm and I thought it was kind of neat! By the Brazilian guys from Max Tattoo in Bologna, Italy.

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4 thoughts on “Drummer Tattoo

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    Posted on 05-27-2006 14:14:19 by Court

    Posted on 05-27-2006 17:24:28 by outmywindo
    Those are some of the nicer stick tattoos I can recall seeing. I love how simple the image is (please, don’t get it filled it!).

    And is it weird that I see an integration sign when the tattoo is twisted?

    Posted on 05-27-2006 19:20:33 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    i love how you dont realise how your skin moves until you get it tattooed

    Posted on 05-28-2006 04:04:20 by DjL
    I’m a working tattooist here in Vegas since ’99. I’m assuming (projecting?) that we ALL working in the business know we must ALWAYS check the appearance of the design thru the full ROM (range of motion) of whatever area you’re working and ensuring that it won’t distort the image. You just cant assume certain things. Don’t be cheap! use a [spirit master] stencil or make your own w/ Hectograph pencil*
    and you can both see how it will look in every possible way before commiting it to skin.

    With a linear piece like this it’s hard to avoid. But it still looks good and the customer seems happy…and that’s all that matters!!!

    Any ‘tooist worth his salt should already be well familiar with the particulars.

    I have a better idea…how about some nice transverse distal forearm drumstick subdermals?!?!?!

    *(SHARPEN WITH A KNIFE ONLY-the lead totally comes apart in a standard sharpener)

    Posted on 05-28-2006 16:22:06 by Sally
    hey DjL- what studio?! I’m located out in Vegas myself!

  2. Some times simplicity is really the best way to go, this tattoo is proof of that. Simple idea, simple design, fucking sweet tattoo!

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