Tattooed Faces Meet In Prague

Some photos from the Prague Tattoo Convention, c/o my friend Bastard in St.Petersburg, Russia, and here’s another closeup of the guy on the right…

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14 thoughts on “Tattooed Faces Meet In Prague

  1. It’s got to be nice to be around someone else who’s so tattooed because you don’t have to worry about them staring and/or making stupid comments and assumptions. Finally, you’re around someone who completely understands…

  2. that neck tattoo look amazing
    I wish there was a picture of the whole thing

  3. the guy on the right looks really sweaty and his piercings look really irritated! ouch!

  4. I like the guy on the right tattoos a lot;they look natural(?)…or maybe it’s just because the other guy has so many piercings that it distracts from the awesome work on his neck and face.

  5. I really like the ink on the guy on the left, it looks so organic, definitely some of my favourite facial work :)

    The piercings don’t look to happy though…

  6. What is a total shame is that I love the tattoos on his face(the fellow on the left) but for goodness sakes, the piercings look like they are all rejecting and it really takes away from the ink because of that.

    oh well

  7. Some excellent work on the young guy (on the right) with plenty of space and scope to get lots more solid ‘tribal’ type work over the rest of his head.
    The sheen on both guys’ heads beggars that it was a bit hot in the hall.

  8. How can anyone condone or even praise what these 2 idiots have done to themselves. For starters they have rendered themselves unemployable.
    Some people in the world are born with disfiguring birth marks and go though so much pain and surgery, and these idiots have actually paid money to get themselves disfigured and looking like total morans. For gods sake people wake up, what is nice about a load of pieces of metal festering in someones face, and hidious facial tattoos.

  9. I am not crazy about the tattoos on the guy on the right, but it is his face. I do like the tattoos on the left guy but the rejecting piercings take away from it.

    also to huggie bear, I myself have very extensive tattooing, and i have a job (and gasp i DON’T work in the body mod industry) you may not like it, but these people like how they look. Just like people spends lots of money to make what ever other alteration to there apperance to make themselves look how they want.

    I have an image in my head what i WANT to look like, and am willing to go through what it takes to make it a reality. Any changes I make are for ME, not for other people though.

    In addition to the tattooing, I do want to have my nose straitened out. Obviously it is not to Fit in more, but I don’t like the fact that my nose is crooked. I see that no different than wanting tattoos on my face. It is my body and my decision what alterations will make me happier with my body and appearance.

  10. CyberBlade I would be interested to know your profession if you have extensive tattooing like the two people above & its not in the bod mod profession. I’m very happy for you if you believe the modifications you have made are a life time decision that you will be happy with all your life. I am sure a lot of people make changes they regret at a later stage in life. I am complating a nose job myself and its not for cosmetic reasons I broke my nose and its set wrongly.

  11. to squid: whole tatto of men on the left(his name is P.J. Hejatko) you can check on

    to Huggie_Bear: man on the left is journalist and “poet”(I really don’t like his poems), man on the right is a work-hand(so I think, he has no problems with his facial tattoo)

  12. totally awesome! I got my face heavily tattooed five years ago, facial tats are not for 99.9999% of the population which is what makes facial tats so cool for those of us who took the plunge. inkface, San Diego

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