It’s never too late to tattoo your face!

Age 55, done at Studio Blitzz in Groningen, The Netherlands.

See also: Bruce Potts

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15 thoughts on “It’s never too late to tattoo your face!

  1. I find it sad that this further proves that society is not “okay” with tattoos. He obviously only got these once he was retired (just like Potts) because he knew they would be unacceptable in the working world. I have to say kudos to him for having the willpower for being able to hold off for so long. I’m sure hes wanted to do this a long time ago!

  2. Fifty-five years is not old at all. I am 73 years old and I plan to have my entire face and head covered with very intense blackwork next year following the NYC tattoo convention. I already have a full bodysuit, and now I am finally going to add the most important tattoo (to me) of all.

  3. Not sure why you jumped on the high horse there Court, maybe he just wanted a cool 55th birthday present? I don’t think you can state that he “obviously only got these once he was retired” as proof that “society is not ok with tattoos” if you don’t know that he is retired or what his reasons for getting the tattoos were.

  4. I have to say, he does look very content. It’s great to see a man smile like a 5 year old come christmas morning.

    I say mad props to him, weather he waited till he retired or if he got it for novelty value – it looks great and makes him happy.

  5. I love seeing older people with mods. Mods have gained a fair amount of acceptance and popularity but only for people who are young and pretty. Unfortunately, I think by today’s standards it’s far more shocking to see someone older with prominent mods, tattoos and piercings. Beyond being judged for being different, they might also be judged for “trying to act too young” I hope I’m wrong about that because sometimes I feel too old.

  6. I know exactly what you mean Milquetoast, not about feeling old, but all of the rest.

    Not all that long ago I had a 70 year old lady come in and get both of her nipples pierced- she was a real charmer too.When I asked what made her come and get them done – she replied she just felt it was right.

    I think the oldest person I have pierced was a 76 year old man’s (very rough) tongue. I informed him of correct aftercare, gave him his aftercare sheets and he was on his jolly way with his first piercing. I even think Polymorph offer a 10% ‘senior citizens’ discount.

    Perhaps we are more open to all generations getting mods in Australia, I don’t know.

  7. its probly fairly important to note that piercing isnt ageless in the sense of risks. RISKS double or even triple on an elderly client and the results can be devastating.

    Gosh, piercers are going o have to learn all bout an elderly body and system. Next thing we knowm elderlies will have to prove a clean bill of health!
    Kids and adults bounce back from little things from piercings. elderly people not so much!!

  8. Why he got the ink, and why he timed it as he did doesn’t matter. It is some great ink, and looks great on him. It helps that he is (cultural standards of youth = beauty, aside…) a good looking guy. woof

    I wonder whether the current crop of 30-somethings and 40-somethings who say the only reason they do not get public ink is workplace discrimination, will create a flood of face and scalp ink in about 30 years, as they hit retirement.

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