Trying a new plugin…

So I’m experimenting with a “recent comments” list in the header of ModBlog right now… It’s not quite rendering like I want it to, but I guess I’ll focus on it tomorrow because I think my almost non-existant PHP experience will be sharper in the morning.

Thanks to breedthecancer for the photo. Tattoo outline by “Doc” Oct in NYC.

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33 thoughts on “Trying a new plugin…

  1. The tattoo on her arm is so simple and beautiful, I wonder what it will look like if/when she gets it filled in? Her eyes are shocking. So pretty!

  2. WHAT is wrong with her eyelashes? Other than the spiders on her face, a very lovely gal.

  3. if you’re still working this out, is there any way you could do a “next” feature like on the old Modblog? it’s so much easier to be able to see all the comments per entry and then click “next” instead of having to go back and clicking on each individual entry.

    forgive me if this is already available and i just haven’t found it yet. ;)

  4. i love that the septum is hanging crooked it is the most perfect flaw and couln’t be more endearing.

  5. Ahh, her eyes, her outlines, the pose, the facial expression, the lighting, the background, this picture is beautiful..That is one gorgeous girl…

  6. She can really pull off those monroes!

    Most people that have them can’t make them look good.

  7. Her lips are hot as fuck! Nobody has said anything about her Angelina Jolie-esque lips. Pouty….

  8. I find it so amazing that people are so highly critical of this photograph. Personally I am a big fan of it.

    ^ i agree. for a group of people who are so vocally adamant about wanting modblog to feature “people of all shapes/sizes/etc”, its funny some of you would be pointing out such minute stereotypical “flaws”.

    it’s clearly an artistic photo; don’t get so concerned. haha. and just for the record, i think the emphasized eyelashes bring out her eyes even more.

  9. wow, she is just gorgeous. *stares* i have to agree with the above posters, i love the crooked jewellry, though i’ll admit that i never even noticed it until someone pointed it out.

    i don’t know how people can find flaws with this. who cares if she has fake eyelashes on? she has beautiful eyes, might as well emphasize them. god knows that if i had eyes like that i would do the same thing. ;)

  10. This girl is stunning, who the hell cares if she’s got false eyelashes, or for that matter any other enhancement.
    In any case arnt false eyelashes sold to be warn not left in the packaging, along with every other type of cosmetic product us ladies, or for that matter some of you gents buy.

    Dammit I would photoshop my picture if I could look that hot.

    *Gone off to read the photoshop manual*.

    Have a good one everyone.

    Hugs x

  11. Bradly, you really are the limit.
    I try real hard not to laugh when I read your comments.
    You crazy male lol :)

  12. My mom use to say that I was driving her Krazy…. when I was 9 years and went to visit her in the hospital I realized I could any thing that I set my mind 2…..~_0 lol :-) true story// +_^

  13. i wonder if she’s going to stick with the outlines or fill them in with colour.. the cupid especially. they look great, very airy without being coloured in, just wondering cuz then id love an up date of them!!

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