Animal Liberation Tattoo

I love this! Great tattoo, great politics, sexy placement, and the seals are just so cute! Thanks to CrucifyEffigy for sending in her tattoo done by Brett Osborne at PURE in Brooklyn, NYC (which you’ve seen mentioned here regularly due to the work of fellow artists Brian and Joy Rumore, who also did the great dog portrait tattoo on her).

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14 thoughts on “Animal Liberation Tattoo

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  2. I suppose if I give this my “seal of approval,” I’ll be beaten for making horrible puns, but that’s really nice work. :D

  3. As much as I like the tattoo’s style and placement, the message erks me. Im from Newfoundland, and where the so called “Barbarians” who participate in the Canadian Seal hunt. I fully accept someones rights to protest the hunt, but still, id like to make it clear that we DO NOT hunt baby seals, anyone who claims this is a liar who cant substantiate there claims and just wants to paint a portrait of us being worse than we are. Whitecoats havent been hunted for the past 15 years or longer. Youll have to excuse me for wanting to keep my culture alive, but BME is supposed to be about opened minded people, that means BOTH sides of the arguement. Thanks.

    (Plus the fact that I really like my sealskin Mocasins hat)

  4. That is a gorgeous tattoo – I love it!

    Pierce, the seal pups can be killed the second they begin molting – usually at 12 days of age. They are helpless, cannot swim, do not yet eat solid food and cannot defend themselves or escape from the sealers. Seals do not reach sexual maturity until 6 or 7 years of age, and the average lifespan is 30 – 35 years. Taken this into consideration, your claim that a seal pup of 12 days old (the legal age it can be killed) is not a baby is extremely flawed.

    Besides, the tattoo does not say anything about Newfoundlanders being barbarians or “babies” being killed, and the seals are definitely not whitecoats, so stop taking offence where none is intended.

  5. Love the tatoo.

    The seal hunt not only represents how we treat seals but animals in general.

    My grandfather and uncle were fishermen from Nova Scotia and my family at one time lived below poverty, yet they both chose not to go and club or shot seals based on the fact they knew what was happening out there and did not feel that a few extra dollars was worth that kind of suffering.

    I have spoken to several fishermen who did go and said it was so disgusitng they vomitted themselves or could not stand the screams again. I have seen the old footage from 30 years ago when it was first released and or photographed with those old polariod cameras and regretfully it is the same footage I see today.

    Last summer I helped to organze a press confercne about the seal hunt and invited DFO. A representative came and at one point was asked to defend what we were watching and he didn’ t even try. He sat there with no reponse.

    The fact that the seals by law are not classified as babies was nothing more than a pr stunt so the public would not feel as bad for killing the adults for some strange reason. Untill any animal is completely full grown with no attachment to its mother or family for survival it is a baby, regardless of species.

    There has been several purposals over the years to stop the slaugher yet the fisherman say no each and every time because why? If a person can make more money doing something else, I could only imagine it would be in everyone’s best iterest to take the higher paying job. It is for this reason that if you feel that someone is calling Newfoundlander barbarians it is because anyone who has looked into this issue knows it is a choice not a requirment for survival. I am not saying this in a sarcastic manner but it is an honest attempt to let you know this is why people say what they do. I alos new many Newfounlanders who are against the seal hunt also for the same reasons everyone else is.

    Keeping any brutal traditional alive has no place in modern day. If we want to advance as humans we need to stop exploiting societies weakest members.


    Lisa Diana

  6. I love this.. I’m just around looking at some animal rights tattoos, this is one of my favorites I’ve come across so far.. I’m not too sure what I want yet.. But I love this :)

  7. free them puppies…god that’s funny. :) i need iam back soon or I’m commenting on every modblog post ever.

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