16 thoughts on “Russian Prison Tattoo

  1. i thought it was 2 pacmen pissing with their arms stretched out back at first lol

  2. It does look like that, but I knew EXACTLY what I was looking at the instant I saw it…

    My favorite part of this tattoo is the cartoonish quality of the figure. It’s like a bent over muppet or something.

  3. aww. it looks like a puppy.


    without eyeballs and a dick shaped tongue.

  4. Unless the person wanted it, and really does enjoy prison sex. (Which isn’t out of the question I guess) I’d imagine having something like that tattooed on you would be quite traumatising in ‘normal’ life.

    It looks to me to be on his shoulder? aswell so being questioned about it wouldn’t be tooo fun either.

  5. Hey, tattoos done in America are often written in Japanese. But seriously, many Russians speak English, often just as well or better than many native English speakers.

  6. true…although i think it would be much funnier if the guy getting it thought that it said like “this is the result of people who fuck wit me…” (it took me about 5 minutes to come up with that example, i cant honestly think of something that could possibly be wrote there to go with that image….)

  7. i thought it was two little cartoon heads kissing until i saw the dick in the middle


  8. Russian prison tattoos often are in english, german, latin etc. . . for various traditional, and symbolic reasons. This is explained in the russian tattoo book i recently browsed through at B&N. (sorry about being so vague i didn’t buy the book so i can’t reference it. )

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