Vulveriffic Tattoo

Thanks to Dutchweirdo for sending in this photo from the 2006 Amsterdam Convention of Nica’s (from Amazon Tattoo) rather explicit tattoo:

Because I’m doing this work in the basement (a room full of laptops and Star Trek), let me share some commentary from the guys at Fishing Fury

    Clive: I wonder if it represents anything?

    Jon: It’s a fuckin’ pussy, man!

Anyway, I’ve featured other porn tattoos before (even some tattooed cumshots), and I always wonder whether it’s going to cause a problem in the future… certainly there are more than a few dozen nations (including plenty of Western ones) that don’t smile upon showing children porn (which you do when you wear something like this on public skin).

God bless The Netherlands, true land of the free?

26 thoughts on “Vulveriffic Tattoo

  1. So, one vag wasn’t enough for her?

    Seriously though, it looks like a really well done tattoo.

  2. Sorry, that is art, not porn. It is not a photograph of a vagina, it is a drawing.

  3. Hey, I don’t even believe in the general concept of “pornography” if it’s applied so conservatively that even simple nudity is considered erotic.

  4. I have a Michael Manning comic tattooed on my ass, of a chick fucking a dude in the ass with a strap on…. I totally regret it. It is now covered up…

    I appreciate the eroticism that made up that tattoo, but it’s definitely not something I would want my child to see on a regular basis poking out from the top of my jeans….

  5. i’m not saying the tattoo should be classified as porn, but just because something is a drawing doesn’t disqualify it from being porn.

    pornography is defined as any material whose purpose is to cause sexual arousal. That includes drawings, photographs, videos, writing, etc.

  6. i want to know if she was the model for the pussy tattoo, or if the drawing is of someone she knows. really. who’s lips ARE those?

  7. I thought pornography was defined as anything depicting sexually explicit ACTS. So like, a picture of a kid playing the bathtub that parents took for memories.. that’s not childporn. Although, I guess if they posted it on the internet and some pedophile came across it and used it as a …uh.. “arrousal” tool.. then maybe it would fall in that category. But its not like the parents are to blame that someone else viewed it that way.

    So the same should be for her tattoo. I mean is someone looked at it and started gettin’ off on it, its not her fault, because evidently that wasn’t the intention of the tattoo… i’m assuming.

    Well, in the end I have no idea how american law works, so… I dunno.

  8. Today I will be reading from the book of Hicks; please turn to chapter 12:

    “Supreme Court says pornography is anything without artistic merit that causes sexual thoughts, that’s their definition, essentially. No artistic merit, causes sexual thoughts. Hmm… Sounds like…every commercial on television, doesn’t it? You know, when I see those two twins on that Doublemint commercial? I’m not thinking of gum. I am thinking of chewing, so maybe that’s the connection they’re trying to make.”


  9. Defining what arouses people is definitely a slippery slope. I am quite sure that for a foot fetishist a simple picture of a foot in a high heel is enough to arouse them. For him a shoe catalog is pornography. Tha particular tattoo is just a vagina and does not depict a sex act. Even if it did, it is still art, with explicit content.

    I would not get an explicit tattoo in a place that I could not cover up. I don’t think kids need to be exposed to that sort of thing either. I think if they are it should be discussed with them rather than turning them away or covering their eyes.

  10. hmm… i like pornography… i like the tattoo… it’s lovely… but i personally wouldn’t put it there… i just wouldn’t want anyone thinking of vagina above my armpit… haha.

    where would i put a second vagina? o.O hmm… now that’s a topic for discussion…

  11. “Defining what arouses people is definitely a slippery slope. I am quite sure that for a foot fetishist a simple picture of a foot in a high heel is enough to arouse them. For him a shoe catalog is pornography. Tha particular tattoo is just a vagina and does not depict a sex act.”

    Yes, but the primary function of a foot it transportation. The primary function of a vagina is sex, and the expulsion of the consequence of sex. Therefore, an image of a vagina is automatically linked with the sex act, while the image of a foot is not. Between the two, one takes a hell of a lot more imagination to link with eroticism than the other.

    By the way, I’m not bashing the tattoo, just picking at ChopperMark’s argument. Also, I like ChopperMark’s name.

  12. Are high heels “just for transportation”? What about “fuck me pumps”?

  13. Who says men are the only sex that think of high heels as sexual objects…why do you think there are so many types of high heels to begin with? Heh!

    And a vagina is a lot of things, sexual, mechanical, physical, etc. Its the representation that gets slippery(and yes, that’s a double entendre!)

  14. She could also claim that it’s not a vagina and and whoever thought it was that was at fault for viewing it that way. She could say its supposed to be a sandwich in a bun with coldcuts. I know it sounds stupid, but with the amount of bad tattoo artists out there, i bet in the court of law with a good lawyer, she could pull it off with that excuse.

  15. I dunno, it looks like a pussy to me. I think there is a more primal issue: why we feel the need to cover up these sex bits, but can flaunt our “modes of transportation” in 4in fuckmeheels. I’ve seen doctors stumble trying to say “penis” or “vagina”. We have almost uncensored television verbally (they curse and talk explicitly) so when are we going to uncensor our bodies and rid ourselves of an oppressive urge to hide our nature? Damn original sin….the fig leaves still adorn our parts (figuratively speaking).

  16. If that’s the kind of tattoo she has on a VISIBLE part of her body, I don’t want to know what tattoos I’m sure she has in her not-so-visible areas if you get my drift..

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