UV Glow Cross Tattoo

I’ve seen a lot of UV glow ink tattoos, but I think that this example of a UV cross done at Ink Link Tattoos in Charlotte is one of the nicest examples of tattoo augmentation using UV ink.

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29 thoughts on “UV Glow Cross Tattoo

  1. I’d been toying with getting some UV work done, I have a piece that it would look awsome with, this picture just made up my mind!

  2. Too bad that shit itches, otherwise it’d be incredible to get that all over your body, using it to improve upon otherwise great tattoos.

  3. “Too bad that shit itches, otherwise it’d be incredible to get that all over your body, using it to improve upon otherwise great tattoos.”

    Agreed. I’ve heard too many stories of shit happening with UV ink to even think about it. I have to say thats an impressive piece of work though.

  4. i cant help thinking this would be better if they just got it tattooed with bright blue rather than UV ink. i cant help seeing UV as a bit tacky

  5. wow, very nice..

    * i love the new look for modblog.. havent been here in a while!

  6. Wow, definately one of the best UV tattoos! The bold outline, with such solid bright UV-ness. Very fucking good job!

    xoxo. AXU.

  7. not religious myself, but that’s irrelevant, that’s a *very* nice piece of art.

    as far as UV ink itching, doesn’t that depend on the manner of the ink itself? for instance, the UV inks made by crazychameleon are supposedly tested-side-effect-free. i know marketing claims aren’t necessarily gospel, but perhaps these UV inks aren’t prone to the itchiness? anyone have any experience?

  8. I have a good bit of the crazy chameleon ink in me, and have been using it professionally for over a year, and have yet to encounter ANY problems, including fading, with myself or a SINGLE customer. I have more people having problems with standard red inks…..
    friend of a friend stories are notoriously exaggerated…..

  9. Well it looks like I will have to drive down to Charlotte for my next tattoo because none of the artists/shops in my area “dable in UV” as they have said… This tattoo is a great combination.

  10. hey adam — glad someone who read my post has had experience with crazychameleon inks. so, you’re able to confirm from your own experience, and that of customers, that their UV inks are indeed side-effect free, including itching? if so, awesome. everything i have read about their inks sounds good, makes biological sense, and they look great. i’m so glad to hear that their product lives up to their claims. have you had any experience with the titanium white UV ink? my concern is the possibility of that color fading, as standard white inks have a tendency to do (when subjected to sunlight, anyway). and yeah, i’ve seen / heard alot of horror stories about regular red ink.

    also, where do you tattoo? can you link us to some samples of your work?

    (geez, after typing all that, i hope adam comes back and reads this, lol).

  11. MJ with his mighty chalice of Jesus Juice arose and spoke, ” he he, that’s ignorant.”… you likah da juice?

  12. shannon — cool. is it UV ink, or just regular titanium white? if UV, do you know what brand (actually, do you know what brand it is anyway), and, also if UV, can you comment on the itching thing?

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