"Just Feel Free"

Thanks to Marc for this photo; I’ll post more on Tuesday to BME’s play piercing galleries.

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16 thoughts on “"Just Feel Free"

  1. this picture is fucking awesome. and yeah, the guy in back is definitely hot.

  2. agreed,

    I’m surprised that no one has brought up the obviously cross-contamination hazard…
    I thought of it but figured that they must have thought of a certain way to keep things sterile and to themselves but i was almost certain that one of ‘em rule-pushin’ finger-pointin’ people would have posted some sort of accusatory blame on the possiblity of cross-contamination.

    Now, as I said, agreed, the guy in the back is HOT.

  3. why has it not been pointed out that they have several, beautifully placed play piercings that are what makes this photo so amazing? Yes, i realize these men are attractive, although if i were making this a beauty contest, i would have picked the front gentlemen as the winner, but I think thats far beyond the point of this photo. Take a second to look at the play piercings, please. You’ll really appreciate this a lot more looking at it from that point other than looking at it like a Teen Magazine.

  4. Oh come on. Men and/or lesbians constantly point out how hot all the women are while less frequently mentioning their mods, so why can’t us women and/or gay men do the same?

    Besides, it’s kind of a given on this site that we find modification attractive.

  5. Outmywindow, you’re so right.

    Plus, I can’t pick between the front and the back guy.

  6. yes, im sure we all noticed the needles. had we not appreciated the beauty of those, i doubt we would have thought any of the actual people involved attractive.

  7. ahh…we should be able to shrink the guy in the back so we can each carry a copy in your pockets or be able to multiply him! I noticed the piercings first, then when I read the comments did I really see how attractive they were. And I mean come on! When a picture of a girl gets posted, everybody comments on her FIRST, then the piercing. Equal opportunity!

  8. haha. some of you people are impossible to please, arent you! :p

    all i’m going to say is i really really really like the handprint style’d tattoo on the guy in the back. it’s the first thing i noticed in this pic and i think that’s such an awesome idea for a tattoo :)

  9. I wonder if they are frienfs, lovers or brothers? awsome piercings and tats. Oh and they are all sexy.

  10. I have to agree with Nyne.. that tattoo caught my eye first thing. Its really neat!! I like the factthat where i am located geographically, a hand printed in that style means “stop racism” so.. yeah i REALLY like it.

  11. beautiful play piercings,but beautiful men all the same…

    the guy in the back is so adorable! i’m loving the handprint on his chest the most though.

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