I repeat D-I-fucking-Y.

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22 thoughts on “DIY

  1. maybe he should be given the benefit of the doubt – that he has a healed piercing and just wanted a DIY style pic?
    hopefully anyway…otherwise….yikes.

  2. My girlfriend DIY pierced her ear with a regular earing/stud a few months ago, those things are blunt as hell.

  3. Are tacks even long enough to make it all teh way through the eyebrow? Otherwise, must be an awfully shallow piercing.

  4. Oh no.. a tack! … and dear god he’s not even wearing gloves!

    It’s funny how fucking square some bme’rs are.

  5. HA! That’s some hardcore foolishness, nevertheless I guess it’s all in good fun so long as he realised what he was putting himself at risk of…

  6. i… wow. yeah. *cringe*

    on a side note, that link in the description is fucking hilarious.

  7. “Say something mean about the Queen, even if you aren’t British. You know you want to be.”


  8. Everything is acceptable, if you know and accept the risks. So if the kid knew it wasn’t sterile, and wasn’t safe, and he wanted to do it anyway, more power to him.

    It’s no more gross or ignorant than smoking a cigarette. And on that note, I’m going to have a smoke.

  9. hmm a tack…i didn’t think those could be long enough to go though to both sides so how did he manage that?

    oh well,i can’t really say anything because i did two of my own piercings at 13 and paid for it with a nice keloid on one of them :(

  10. haha, wow. that reminds me of when i was in 5th grade, and decided i wanted a my cartiledge pierced. my mom wouldnt let me get it, so i did it with a tack. it got so mad and red. terrible idea, believe me. but, i was 10. this guy is obviously just slow.

  11. There’s a difference between impulsive and “obviously just slow.”

    I bet he’s just fine today.

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