One Love: Chapstick Tattoo

The crazy thing is that lip balm addiction is a pretty common claim that I’ve heard from its “addicts”. I suppose girliesabombshell is one of them… Tattoo by Frankie at Tattoo Marks in Souderton, PA.

Anyway… IAM is offline tonight for the copy, and there’s a chance that ModBlog will go down as well depending on load and upgrade issues. If you’re bored, please take some pictures of your latest mods (or whatever fun you’re having tonight) and send them to [email protected]!

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10 thoughts on “One Love: Chapstick Tattoo

  1. I seriously have considered a similar (in subject matter) tattoo, in a totally different style.

    Lip balm (almost wrote blam, ha) has turned into a weird neurosis in which I need to have three different containers of chapstick/lip balm/lip gloss with me at all times. I wouldn’t say it’s so much of an addiction as a quirk, but anyway-

    cute tattoo :)

  2. This tattoo, however, just says ‘chaps’.
    Shame about the placing of that banner, changes the meaning entirely!

  3. I don’t know if I just haven’t researched this enough….. but the Lip Balm Anonymous thing seems completely rediculous to me. I mean, a 12 step program for chapstick? Do people just not have any will power anymore?

  4. Am-Maybe the banner was placed there so she wouldn’t become a walking advert for chap stick?

    Lidabobisa-I used to have an “addiction” to lip balm. It got to a point if I didn’t put some on during the course of the day my lips would dry out sooooo bad and get all hurty. Finally kicked the habit by toughing out the chapped lips for almost a week. Now I hardly ever use it.

  5. Some people (guys too) have an addiction to Carmax. Another type of lip balm that comes in a little tub. They can’t seem to live without it.

  6. Nice tattoo :)

    I know the feeling of being pretty much addicted to lip balm…

    But I think it would put out a different message altogether if I was tattooed with a pot of Vaseline…

    ;) ;)

  7. The next time you need a fix, instead of embalming your lips, use a finger to transfer some skin oil from your forehead to your lips. In a week your lips will be healed and you won’t feel the need to become a walking billboard for that embalming fluid.

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