This is why guys suspend.

Jennica sends in this photo of Scotty’s first suspension (c/o High Priestess Piercing in Eugene, OR) with Georg and Dana. After the initiation you get a reward… What I like especially is the guy’s VENI VEDI VICI — emphasis on VICI.

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7 thoughts on “This is why guys suspend.

  1. either way, Jiva rules! He especially ruled that night! All he had to do was sit below us, and take the lovin we gave :grin….. all the while, sweet Scotty just hung there like a good lil boy ;)

  2. Veni Vidi Vici
    was made famous by Julius Caesar after a recent victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus in the Battle of Zela.
    It is in latin and it is spelled VENI! for latin any way…
    It Means
    I came
    I saw
    I conqured

    you may think that the v is pronouced with an english v but it is pronounced with a latin v wich is actualy a w
    so it would be pronouced

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