You stay classy, BME!

Ron Burgundy tattoo, care of Adam Lauricella at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls, NY.

Mmmmm… I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!

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28 thoughts on “You stay classy, BME!

  1. what’s that? you pooped in the refrigerator? you ate a whole wheel of cheese?!
    i’m not even mad, that’s amazing

  2. Sorry i dont speak spainish! haha
    Nice tattoo, there is something about his eyes though that aint right i think. Nice sorta glazed look on em though :)

  3. you’re right but i doubt, it will be more realistic. i wouldn’t had recognised ron burgundy, if you hadn’t said it shall be him.
    anyway, not my leg. bob tyrell can’t do every portrait around ;)

  4. i would never get this, but i commend brian ricci fror being so bold. kick ass.

  5. 1. yes.
    2. yes.
    3. omg.
    4. yes.
    5. if you look at the picture his eyes look exactly like that.
    6. yes.
    7. if you’ve seen the original photo that tat is actually exactly like it.
    8. yes.
    9. again. its exactly like the picture. and if you wouldnt have recognized the tattoo as ron burgundy you should stop watching movies and lock yourself in a room somewhere and just stop bothering people.
    10. thank you. it scares me a little that you know my real name.

  6. hey brian. i’m glad you like the tattoo you got.
    maybe you could just accept, that i’ve seen way more realistic portrait tattoos and would definitely not choose your inker to get that sort of tattoo


  8. if you dont like this tattoo than get the fuck out. just because your to much of a pussy to admit that someone has a better tatoo or idea than yours. if you even have any tat’s fuck yeah brian


  9. hot damn that tat makes me wanna rip off my clothes and hump your leg! shit fire B!

  10. ok brian, dann reden wir einfach ein _meiner_ sprache weiter, vielleicht gefällt dir mein satzbau dann besser.
    schade, dass du meine meinung nicht akzeptierst, aber damit kann ich leben. und wenn du jetzt noch mit deinem tattoo leben kannst, sind wir doch alle glücklich, nech?
    und es tut mir _unglaublich_ leid, dass ich schon bessere tattoos als deins gesehen hab, asche auf mein haupt! indem du mich beleidigst, wird dein tattoo nicht schöner :-P
    machs gut!

  11. mee ju is a douchebag. (i was born in germany you dipshit) DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE EMPIRE!

  12. I was born in Massachusetts…no? Nobody? Ok, well I love the tattoo. I love desk. I love lamp.

  13. Nice idea but not a good tattoo…
    The artist should not have left the glasses at home that day…

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