15 thoughts on “Breast Scar

  1. I love the open cut and the blood running down it adds something, the only problem is I think i would want it to stay that way forever and never have the cut heal, it’s something to do with the ridge lines…

    Also sort of reminds me of an article in an old issue of Body Play… “Becky’s Breast Cuttings”

  2. That cut looks a little thing for having had skin removal… it looks like just a cut to me…. i guess she might be just starting and hasnt finished yet?

  3. No cutting in such a wonderfull bosom!!! Only for lick and kiss and cuddle!!

  4. Hopefully she’s way more accepting of the effects of time than me.. I would watch the front of the line slooowwwlllyy drop below the back and cry. Or get implants, I guess…

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