Ear piercing on partial ear

Care of Anders the Piercing Guy in Brisbane, Australia:

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18 thoughts on “Ear piercing on partial ear

  1. Hmm. Well, that’s … different. (this coming from a deaf guy)

    I’m curious, was this a birth defect, or the result of an accident?
    At any rate, it’s cool that he’s comfortable with it.

  2. Lydia -

    Though I have two ears, my glasses are actually broken at the moment (one of the wings is missing). The combination of one ear plus my nose keeps them on fine, as long as I don’t lean too far over or shake my head violently.

  3. i love how piercing prevails despite/because of missing body parts…most enjoyed

  4. I’m probably morbid, but the entire ear area looks pretty scarred up, like his ear was amputated (rather than a birth defect). I wonder what happened to it?

  5. So where is the actual ear canal? Although the shape of the ear here is clearly unusual, does it function like a normal ear (i.e. there’s an ear canal, and it works, but I just can’t see it)? Or is this a case of an outer ear that doesn’t connect to an ear canal (leading to deafness)?

    I’d like to know a little more about the anatomy surrounding this interesting piercing.

  6. The highest incidence [of squamous cell carcinoma] occurs in Australia, where the age-adjusted incidence has been calculated to be 1332 cases per 100,000 population for men and 755 cases per 100,000 population for women… this is likely due to large numbers of fair-skinned people in this region who have had extensive sun exposure.

    maybe that’s what it was…

  7. hmm…that didnt work properly. was supposed to be a quote, with a link below. search ‘SCC’ on emedicine.com if you are interested!!

  8. i love these sort of piercings. i once pierced a ganglion (a piece of extra skin,not a true ganglion) beside a friends ear that looked great and really freaked some people.

  9. well,that’s something you don’t see everyday…atleast i don’t.

    i’m just wondering if,and how,he hears.

  10. I’m thinking it’s congenital and all the scarring is attempts to correct it or to fix something on the inside.

    You can see a line of scarring that goes straight down the front of the [non-present] ear and even around where the “lobe” is, you can see some very obvious scarring underneath.

    I wonder why he decided the keep the lobe and the top part of the helix if it was a choice? All it does is draw attention to it.

    There is DEFINITLY no ar canal there therefore he probably doesn’t have any inner ear peices (a point towards it being congenital) because by now, they would have had it opened up and an artifical ear for him, cus there’s no use in having an ear canal with no ear (since the ear is what catches the sound). Its probably possible but loud sounds would be excrutiating and he could only hear if he was turned so his ear canal was facing the sound…

    anyways, i’m totally off track here..

    Its a NEAT idea. I just wonder why keep the fleshy no good parts? maybe he is being fitted for a prosthetic and since this takes forever he decide to try and pierce it?

  11. ..ahahaha that post was by me, not “nameless” whoever that is. My autofill wasn’t working for some reason.

    I meant to say that i looked at it at the wrong time last night, i guess i was in between awake and asleep cus i had a vivid dream someone tore off my ears…

  12. this is cool! My left ear is deaf (in an unusual, hard to explain way : it can feel vibrations of sound but not “hear” the sound…) and this is the reason why I chose to have lots of piercings on that one and only one piercing on he other. So my left ear’s main function is holding jewelry :)

  13. I pierced his ear . (it’s a pretty cool piercing) . His name is micheal and I will ask him next time what happened to his ear . I wll write it in my diary (iam:alienboy). Beats me why I haven’t asked him before.
    Cheers Anders

  14. Oh my god…I can’t believe nobody mentioned this earlier…..


    HOW DID NOBODY ELSE MENTION THIS????? It’s the most famous scene from the whole friggn movie!!1!

    Really cool concept, though. Congenital or *cough Quentin Tarantino cough* otherwise…

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