9 thoughts on “NIX 2006

  1. Aah, hippies everywhere. They say they want to save the world, but all they do is sit around and smoke pot!

  2. Seen lot’s of those “borneo roses” around lately, I guess they’re “cool”. well they look nice anyway. What’s that instrument called that he’s holding?

  3. The Borneo Rose he has Tattooed was done by the Boneo Head Hunters, Hand Taped. the Drum i dont know what it is called was signed by all the Artists he met that weekend. in edition to the Rose he also had a few other hand tapped tattoos on his legs done ovet the years at tattoo conventions by the Head Hunters.

  4. OK, am I the only person who hasn’t figured out how to browse through the new ModBlog entries withouit having to go back to the main page?

  5. I LOVE the old man of the wind pipe hanging around his neck. It looks hand carved. Thats one nice piece of work, the guy too 😉 Wish I could see more of his ink and spend a few hrs sittin back talking to him.

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