Teardrop Finger Tattoos

Continuing in the long chain of finger tattoos I’ve posted, let me share with you the teardrop (or drool drop) finger tattoos that Stewy, Lori, and Adele from Vogue Body Piercing in Darwin NT Australia all got done by Mim at Darwin Tattoo Studio.

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18 thoughts on “Teardrop Finger Tattoos

  1. Salinger: yep, that’s a transdermal – about a year and a half old and well healed, I do heal pretty well as a rule, though!

  2. i have yet to find these tear tats amusing… might be a little useful if yer mouth is full of food or yer a mute and someone is whining and you want to express your distaste for such behavior whilst being cheeky… to each his/her own i guess…

  3. Some people don’t get into joke tattoos, some people do.. it’s all about having a sense of humour!

  4. funny tattoos… also, I had never seen a transdermal look so delicate before… it is so pretty :)

  5. I… just don’t get these. I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be a joke, and I understand that not all tattoos or piercings have to be deep and meaningful or whatever, but this just seems kind of silly.

    I just look at that and go “Okay, Why?”

  6. I am a mime artiste since birth so these could be an amusing alternative to the crying gestures I use at the moment!

    The drool drop photo actually made me lol, just awesome. I adore how damn vibrant the blue is too. Such pretty little thangs :P hehe.

  7. Personally I love a good joke tattoo, and I think they can be deep and meaningful, hence this photo; in the future they will all look back remember what fun they had together and laugh…I like it…

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