13 thoughts on “Toe Needles

  1. Doesn’t bother me. I guess I’m just STRONG-STOMACHED. or something. hahahaha.

  2. bleeding like stuck piggies… unfortunately feet are not included in any of my fetishes… meow

  3. this doesn’t bother me…maybe it’s because me and my friends used to do this when i was little,or maybe it’s because i saw that toe split open in anatomy.

  4. I did a play-piercing above my belly-button the other day… and I think seeing this bothers me a little bit more than watching myself pulling the needle out of my skin (and the needle was kind of big)

  5. hmmm doesnt exactly bother me.. but yeah for some reason seems a lot bigger than more regular play piercing areas (well maybe not some of the CBT..)
    what can i say.. my toes arent on my list of places i wanna put needles

  6. the ones on the inside of the toes are so superficial, i’d be surprised if the piercee actually felt anything at all..

    but the needle sticks straight into the big toe.. that looks like it must strike one of ‘em “funny-bone” nerves.. ah yahy. I think i just relate big toe woes to painful throbbing….. Although its sort of difficult to see how deep they are… it must leave a painful bruised toe afterwards.

  7. It squicks me out too.

    I can play pierce myself and it doesn’t bother me at all, but oh the toes, ick.

  8. That makes my whole body tingle. The idea sends shivers down my spine.

    But I can watch the BME VID with fasignation.

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