Self-done tattoos

DIY, yo.

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22 thoughts on “Self-done tattoos

  1. Nice Boondock Saints reference on the gun.

    That’s the only “saw it in a movie” tattoo I’ve ever considered getting. Only tattoo I’ve ever considered getting period.

  2. The gears are my personal fav… but beautiful work. I’d love to see better photos of the pieces.

  3. At first the tiny little stars looked like chicken pox or bug bites or something to me, and that’s ruining it for me! Most likely if I saw his actual arm I’d like it, though.

  4. are they ALL self done? if so wow

    and i agree with trinityva about the little stars, they probably look a lot better in person though

  5. hey, just wondering sharron, are we going to get a link at the bottom of the page any time soon where we can just go straight from one comments page to the next without having to go back to the main page again? i love this new layout, but i really wish i could still do that! pretty please?


  6. Haha *swainny* called you ‘Sharron’ , Shannon. Maybe you shouldn’t post so many semi naked guys and post more females again. =)

    Cool tattoos though, I’m thinking he’s left handed or ambidextrous? If not then that tattoo on his shoulder is even better.

  7. Like J-knuckles said!

    (But hey some chicks dig those buggy-whip arms & pigeon chests.)

    And for god’s sake PULL UP YOUR DRAWERS, LL COOL J

  8. Wow. I can’t do DIY tattoos. I’m good with piercings, but tattoos are out of my league. Good job, they look great.

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