Pissed Off Big Boob Anime from Istanbul

Jon said this sort of reminded him of the “Anna MaeReal Doll… It’s by Murat at Sacred Ink Tattoo (whose website appears to have a copy of a portrait of a friend of mine’s son on it… but that’s a story for another day) in Istanbul. As a somewhat unrelated piece of trivia about Turkey, if you like seventies psychedelic rock, the best of it came out of Turkey.

9 thoughts on “Pissed Off Big Boob Anime from Istanbul

  1. “sententies”?

    Guess that’s meant to be “seventies” lol 🙂

    And nice tattoo. It would be nice to see more anime inspired tattoo’s.

  2. Please insert some names of those Turkish seventies psychadelic rock bands… I’d love to check them out!

  3. There’s a great comp called “26 Turkish Beat Psyche & Garage Delights” or just “26 Turkish Delights” that came out in ’01. You might could find it if’n you look in the right places…

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