Hip-Pubic Star Tattoos

Mr_Hyde from Italy’s girlfriend has one of my favorite “simple” tattoos… I really think in terms of “the basics”, you can’t go wrong with these pubic “directions” star series a la Naughty Natty… It’s really simple, I know, but I like it. Of course, arrows and flashing lights are cool by me too if they point at something I’m generally into…

16 thoughts on “Hip-Pubic Star Tattoos

  1. i love how the picture was probly not intented to JUST show the tattoos.. it had a multipurpose in the sense of showing off, being naked and hey look, i have tattoos too!

  2. It looks really photoshopped to me…

    anyone else (who happens to actually have Photoshop) think so?

    but, I like her hair as well. And I also think she would look nice with nipple piercings.

  3. Everything that’s posted to ModBlog is cleaned up in PhotoShop, but her hair looks pretty much the same in the original… It should be in today’s BME update if you want to see the original of course.

  4. Yay, Photoshop! It can even make me look pretty. Not that she needs any help, mind… *RawR!*

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