Hairless cat tattoo

As seen at the St. Petersburgh Tattoo Fest 2006 by Babakhin Dmitry:

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25 thoughts on “Hairless cat tattoo

  1. i used to rent a room from a couple who had two of these cats. i believe they are called rex’s, i think they must have been developed by a sun block manafacturer to increase sales.

  2. twysted i think you’re thinking of devon rexes or cornish rexes — two semi-hairless varieties of cats

    completely hairless cats are called sphynx cats, or canadian hairless cats

  3. I hate cute tattoos. Really. However, that tattoo is disturbingly, happily cute. If I had a sphinx, I’d probably get its portrait tattooed on me too.

  4. Already cats are annoying drag queens of the pet world.. like they needed to be any uglier by having no fur (well, in cross breeding or some other genetic manipulation) .

    Their fur was the only thing that made them somewhat attractive, since they are soft. Without fur.. all those assets are poof, gone! No point to a cat after that..

    LOL ..sorry, i just don’t like cats. childhood trauma or something. .. its a well done tattoo though.. very realistic!

  5. Thats a hot lookin sphynx. The devon rex on my shoulder says not his kind, and it aint a cornish rex.

    Being a russian tattoo I would put money on it being a russian ‘don sphynx’, and not a ‘canadian sphynx’.

    Hot cattoo what more could you want?

  6. well what can i say i like my pussies hairless it is less of a mess and very hypo allgenic and just looks much better that way, and they are some much more fun like that

  7. Normally I’m not a big fan of portrait tattoos. But in this case, I’m quite impressed! Very lifelike.

  8. i wonder how long it took to wax that cat and i wonder how it stood so still, but again i must say something i did not say earlier that is an amazing piece of art

  9. GORGEOUS! Bravo to the artist. What a sexy beastie! I have a little meatloaf of a Devon Rex and she looks almost exactly like this cutie. When I sketch her I still have the toughest time with those wrinkles. Kinda like drawing wrinkles in clothing, same principles, lol

    rock on

  10. wish that artist was in the us.
    i am looking for an artist to do a portrait of my kitty and have yet to find one to do her justice.

  11. Actually, in response to whomever was going on about cross breeding and genetic manipulation….

    The hairless gene in sphynx cats was a completely natural mutation. No one said “hey lets make cats not grow fur” It was found in a little of barn cats in Canada (hence Canadian Hairless)

    They really do have a small down fun, and are quite soft. And because they don’t have all the longer fur to keep them warm they’re more affectionate towards humans because they want our warmth.

    I currently have a 4 and a half month old kitten and he’s the most amazing cat I’ve ever owned.

  12. It would be funny to sedate your hairless cat and get your portrait tattooed on its leg.

    (Note that I’m not actually advocating this!)

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  14. Might want to check the web address for Babakhin; it seems to be one of those placeholder/crap link sites.

    Also: Even if I’m not a big fan of that specific breed, yay for cats!

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