A rather traumatic gardening accident

A month and a half later, with a finger-bob for warmth.

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13 thoughts on “A rather traumatic gardening accident

  1. Ha! My finger-Bob! :)
    The circulation’s still quite poor so the slightest drop in temperature makes it ache, hence the stump-cosey.
    My little nephew thinks it’s a person and talks to it (we told him I fell over and my finger dropped off!)

  2. so many people want the posts to be about only one thing well this is cute and funny and it goes with the modification stuff and if you want everything to be in a nice neat little confined subject go start you own tight-ass blog!!!

  3. I do believe she cut her finger off, ___gardening is sooooo dangerous!___

  4. Were you asking me or snailer?
    Yes it was an accident, just as the heading would imply.
    If you’re really curious you could IM me, unless of course you don’t have an Iam page in which case you’re a lamer :D

  5. “My little nephew thinks it’s a person and talks to it (we told him I fell over and my finger dropped off!)”

    nothing on bme has made me laugh out loud like this :D made my day

  6. Hey–Nubbies rock! They’re a great conversation piece, kids love ‘em, and they can be fun in bed.

    Besides, never trust anyone with 10 fingers and toes (I have 9 and 5, respectively).

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