Penile Implant at Age 28

I thought some people might find this story interesting:

I was a healthy 28 year old male that substained a penile fracture during sex as a result of my girlfriend coming down on my very erect penis as I slipped out. Painful beyond words.

After the bruising went away, I had found that I had substained permanent damage to the base of my penis that resulted in firm but unstable erections.

I chose to have a penile implant surgically put in and I couldn’t be happier. Unlimited erections on demend are a wonderful thing. The pump is on the right side of my scrotum and I have two rods that inflate on either side of my penis.

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23 thoughts on “Penile Implant at Age 28

  1. what exactly is an unstable erection? i’m a little confused about how it can be firm but unstable.

  2. i’m just guessing but it sounds like his penis get’s hard, but near the base it isn’t affixed?

  3. yeah, I thought it was the same Kanga43.

    I like the sound of it tho… errection on demand. Imagine the party tricks!

  4. lol at #4… definitely a great party gag, heh.
    This post was one of the few here that made me cringe and whimper..
    But how does the pump works, I wonder..?

  5. Cringe and whimper indeed. The phrase ‘penile fracture’ does that to me, too. And there aren’t many things, even on BME, that give me the willies like that. But I’m glad that the implant works for him.

  6. I guess most thing here are ok, in their own way, because they’re something the person wanted.
    Penile fracture… ouch, can happen to any of us…

  7. wow,erection on demand,how nice:)

    but ouch at the penis fracture…ok,those two words used together makes me want to fall over and cry and i don’t even have a penis.

  8. med mods!
    yeah i agree sade — the phrase ‘penis fracture’ doesn’t exactly make me feel all tingly inside.

  9. it works like so
    there are 2 hollow tubes placed 1 on either side of his urethra, a tunnel is created in the flesh to accomodate them, the pump is place in the testicular sac, squeezing it draws fluid from a reservoir implanted in his lower abdomen into the implants in the penis.

    a penile implant revision was the first surgery I ever observed.

  10. sorry for you young man, that you needs a pump for a hard dick. Sometimes i need my wife for making the erection hard, but i’m near 58. And with good working together it’s always goes in right!!
    But it can make fun and you can pump at every time!

  11. While it might be cool now(“Unlimited erections on demend are a wonderful thing” ) the truth is that implanting anything in that region leaves him open for risks that most penile-intact(?) guys will never even have to think about. What happens when it breaks? if the bladder-the pumps, not his own-ruptures or weakens? WHat if the body eventually reacts to the parts? He’s only 29 years old and could live for a LONG time. Hip sockets, knee joints and just about every other biocompatible material breaks down in the body or wears out if it has moving parts so it stands to reason that this unit will have to be replaced at some point. Most of the time this proceedure is done on much older men with erectile disfunction for health reasons-men who generally don’t live many decades after implantation to ‘need’ a replacement. I was under the impression-since I’ve seen more than one of these type of implant surgeries- that they needed to remove the cavernosa collosum(?)the hollow tubes that engorge with blood during a natural erection-in order to implant the tubes, not “make tunnels” in the flesh. Maybe its different for trauma patients…who knows? Good luck with it whoever it is….

  12. i have a broken piece of a needle in my left egg for many years. It’s broken during cbt-games and healed in the egg. And no problems until today! (The first days it had hurted only).
    And at the outsides of my splitted halfcocks i have two implanted little pebble-stones since one to two years (from the ‘cleopatra-beach’ at turkey, middle-sea). Also no problems – it’s healed good and my wife becames better and hurrier happy to her coming by sex!

  13. nobody says exactly how the thing works, like do both parties feels its like the real thing?. I am 50 an need one, they say its organic ED. Cialis helps but not enough.

  14. I really don’t understand how this man can get a penile fracture because there are no bones what so ever in the penis. The penis gets hard from a rush of blood to that area, filling it to maximum erection. The only way he couldnt fracture his penis is if he were a dog, since their penis’s are made of bone.

  15. Hy mkeb!
    You have tried cialis? How are your expeirences?
    Someteimes i would want a medicin for longer and better erections. After 15 – 20 minutes i became problems with the hardness normally.

  16. sa just so you know, a penile fracture can occur. because while inflated the glands in the penis can be damaged and actually make a cracking sound. the resulting injury makes the erect penis, bent or limp or sometimes impossible to achieve. if it helps imagine a cat with a broken tail!

  17. I had a 3 pc implant 11 yrs ago at age 53. I tried everything else except the vaccum pump. It was great for 6 1/2 yrs until the inner tube ruptured on one side.
    It was replaced by a different surgeon with the 2 pc model. He was very conservative in sizing and I am very unhappy with it.
    I can not feel that it is inflated. I would only reccommend the 3 pc inflateable prothesis. Tell the doc to fill you up as large & long as possible.

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