Southern Cross Piercing

This piercing of the southern cross was done four weeks ago by Peter Sheringham at Piercing Urge X in Melbourne, Australia.

In Greek times you could see this constellation and it was known to both them and Hindu astronomers, but these days it can only be seen from the southern hemisphere, and thus exists in the flags of many countries and states like New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, and so on, and there is a stone image of it in the ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru.

9 thoughts on “Southern Cross Piercing

  1. 2 surface bars and a ??

    (i’ve been interested with this sort of piercing formation for a while – i’m aussie and it’s on our flag and all)

  2. Thanks Tina 🙂

    I love being patriotic….. no bugger it, I just love piercing.

    Lou, the ?? is a dermal anchor

  3. Sweet, awesome to see representations of downunder in mods deviating from trad designs, I’m seeing it a lot more in tattoos here in New Zealand in the form of using local flora and fauna.

    Can I ask where abouts exactly on the body this is placed?

  4. Ah it looks really cool!
    I’ve been meaning to check out ‘The Piercing Urge’ place but I keep forgetting where it is 😛

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