LUST knuckle cutting

LUST cutting on Freakeh (who you may have met at BMEfest) by Daryl at New Tribe in Toronto:

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9 thoughts on “LUST knuckle cutting

  1. I can’t imagine this lasting long. I have “LIFE” carved into my knuck’s, and even scrubbing them ’til they bled thrice daily, they’re just better than faint now.

  2. If you scrubbed your knuckles that hard and that much you might have just been scrubbing the scar tissue right off as it was forming. I’d think you’d want it to have at least a day or more for the skin to start rapairing itself, then do some irritating to it to cause small tears that would need filling in.

  3. lets say you are able to get good fibrous scars on your hands like that, how much limitation of motion are you likely to have? anyone able to speak from experience?

  4. I have had nice visable scarring on my knuckes for years and I have had no issues with movement. These new scars are conciderably larger but it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

  5. Freakeh; *nods* glad to hear it. I have just a very small scar on the palm of my hand (got careless w/ some scissors when I was about 12) and it (slightly) inhibits the spreading of my hand, so I thought I’d ask.

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