Base Shaft Apadravya Chain

Peter in Germany writes us about his “permanent and unusual piercings”, inspired by the permanent chain piercings on BME. He says,

I have done this without any anaesthetic, and the biggest surprise was that there was very little pain — only when the needle came out. I had built that “needle” myself — more of a small steel lancet-knife (normally used to make skalpels). The dimensions are 0.5 to 2 mm, and about 15cm long. One end was ground to a sharp diagonal blade, and the other end forms a hook. It goes in from the bottom without any pain or blood, through the uretra, and only when the tip of that needle reached the top layer of the skin did I feel a little discomfort, no worse than having blood taken.

Pulling in the chain needed more force than I expected, and I wanted to give up, but then the chain was through. I went to a jewelry shop to get the chain closed. The man in the shop asked me to get the chain out of my trousers, but I told him it went through a healed guiche-pearcing and he managed the closing in place. Once at home again I pulled the connecting ring inside my body so this slightly different looking ring cannot be seen anymore. That was a little more painful than the initial procedure, because the healing process had already started.

Now I can pull with any force on both sides of that chain without any discomfort. It is totally locked inside, without any probems during the healing process. Now it only can “removed” by cutting off the outside parts of the chain, but I do not see any reason to do so.


16 thoughts on “Base Shaft Apadravya Chain

  1. That’s pretty hardcore, and pretty cool (though I could never personally experiment with permanant piercings). I can’t believe he actually went to a jewler to get the chain closed! I would pay for a photo of the jewler’s face when he explained the situation.

  2. When the chain goes through the urethra, come out drops through the chain holes during peeing?
    It’s cool man! You are a cbt-man with predisposition for this, when you feel no pain because exciting and endorphines. I have realised this also!
    Good luck for such games! Und aus welcher Ecke kommst Du? Lass von Dir hören. Ich bin aus Raum Halle-Leipzig!Bye,bye!

  3. I’m a jeweler (among other things, dig my IAM) and I would totally have done this (the jeweler’s part I mean)! Of course, I would have first lectured the fellow about metals, alloys, and biocompatibility; anyone have any idea what kind of metal that chain is? It would be such a shame for something material to interfere with such an admirable mod.

  4. I think the kind of material isn’t so important: our body has to work with all materials! That’s good for our immun-system. When we use and place different or problematic materials in our body, he has to do something and to training.
    In my left egg sticks a broken piece of a needle, certai rusted, since many years! The piece is healed in, i think in a capsule, and no problems with it!
    Train your body – and he will be stronger!!!

  5. i think – it’s true!
    On the outsides of my halfcocks i have placed two little pebble-stones from a holyday at the ‘cleopatra beach’ , turkey at the middle sea; Since a year – no problems, and are good rubbling in my wife!
    Try it chadam!

  6. i too wonder about the biocompatibility of the chain used…? also, i wonder about how comofrtable this could actually be for his lover… alll that comes to mind is, umm, ouch…

  7. Poor gretta!
    But your mom – i think – would it like to see at a man’s best parts with or without funny modifies! Ofcourse nobody can watch her ?!! In her mind are lust and curiosity also !! Only she never would it say to you.
    Look you for your lust and curiosity -Bye, bye

  8. maybe I am to blame for the idea 🙂 Nice work. With this placement I would have feared strong bleeding.

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