29 thoughts on ““I Love McDonalds” Tattoo

  1. Probably the biggest problem is that love of McDonalds will lead to widening of this ink job. Even with the Golden Arches being centered, they will eventually stretch as the canvas widens in aspect ratio from Big Mac after Big Mac.

  2. That’s awesome, it doesn’t really matter that the quality isn’t the best, I just think it’s great that someone would be brave enough to get a tattoo of something so unpopular. Good for her.

  3. …well,that’s interesting(?)…

    well,i guess it’s nice to like your job,but enough to tattoo it’s symbol on you?!i’m afraid…VERY AFRAID

  4. i you like your job and company so much, why dont you honour it with a better tattoo?

  5. too funny, i know her and where that tattoo was done….gotta love small towns

  6. I wish I liked my job that much. Well, not quite that much. Somewhere below the “I need a tattoo to commemorate this” level.

  7. What’s the difference between her McTattoo and one of say the Power Puff Girls, or My Little Pony or any food item for that matter. Just cause she now has the golden arches tattoo’d on her body just proves that she’s like a lot of other people. She’s influenced by popular culture. Although people in this forum may not like McDonald’s doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of other people who do enjoy eating fast food.

  8. Man imagine what she will do when she gets a job that pays more then min wage???? Someone should tell her that that arch will last for life and may not be so “cool” when she is 80.

  9. i’m a proud mcdonald’s employee and i’m thinking of getting the man ronald mcdonald himself drilled into me! you know the logo on the condiment bags that tells you to put the rubbish in the bin? yeah dude that one! what ya think?
    cmon you must admit mcdonald’s cures the munchies like no other!

  10. McDonalds is evil; Ronald McDonald is the devil. When the apocalypse comes, we will all wear name badges & badly fitting trousers.

  11. I thought the guy I know with an “I’m Lovin’ It” tramp stamp where I live was the only weirdo…

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