I’m gonna make a purse outta you!

RedBear’s got him a pretty big long nutsack. I haven’t changed this photo in any way other than fixing the color balance. What do you think? A little more pumping and I’m thinking he can get his nuts past his knees without any stretching gear being worn. From scenic Durango, Colorado:

21 thoughts on “I’m gonna make a purse outta you!

  1. I like the random “do it” sign in the background… how would he get it back to normal? just wondering..

  2. “Do it.” reminds me capt janeway from star trek voyager…

    Thats some pretty impressive pumpking action right there. There should be some awards for stuff like this.

  3. A Purse?! Consider the stretchability of the ballsack; ’tis one of the [male] body’s most promising, & I imagine enough material for a really nifty DUFFLE BAG will be within reach before long!


    Keep those zany pictures coming!

  4. *blinks* I think this is the first photo in a long while that has made me go, wait, wtf?

    Is that a permanent sort of stretch?

  5. someday i would love to see someone do something like a transscrotal procedure to create a nice little pocket one could use to store small items. or much larger ones in the case of this guy.

  6. Great idea, then he could foster orphaned kangaroos 😀
    Seriously interesting modification, and what a commitment!

  7. Wow. Is that just pumping or is there something else like silicone injection going on here?

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